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2012.01.30, 01:29 PM
I didn't find a subforum for DSlot43, so...

Heads-up, we will be carrying these cars, tracks and parts from Kyosho. However, will not have an actual track to race on at the shop. I will have one setup at home for my little man (my son is 2 1/2 years old and loves cars) for which I can provide insight into tuning and performance/ function.

Shipment is expected to arrive at Kyosho America sometime in March. We should get it around 1 week after that.

Details can be found in many places around the net, however, linked below is Kyosho Japan's Dedicated English site:


Our announcement page with a brochure:


2012.04.19, 10:53 AM
Tracks, cars and parts now in stock.

I've yet to try the track out yet, but when I do, I will provide feedback here.

Note that the Mazda 787B and Porsche 911 cars are not available at this time. I'm told by Kyosho America that they are expected in June.

2012.04.25, 12:16 PM
One of my customers and friend setup his track at the stop and we tried it out along with a couple of cars he picked up (two porsche 917s).

My initial impressions are that the track provides good value for the money, however I'm not sure on it's long term resilience.

There are 3 suggested layouts possible with the track. The track size is pretty good and the layout we picked was fun.

The cars worked good with the track, bone stock, however the cars couldn't go full throttle around the entire track. If your car was on the inside lane of a curve, it would spin out and come out of the slot. You could go full blast around a curve if you were on the outside lane.

There is a primitive simply form of lap counting built into one of the track pieces. The laps go from 0 to 20 intially and continue to loop once 20 is passed. The controllers felt a little weird (cheap?). I so used to my EX-10 Eurus that a little controller felt odd. Maybe there is a possible market to upgrade the feel/size of the controller.

We didn't have time to mess with the magnets, which could result in a more planted car. I also wanted to try out the stickier rear end tires, but no time.

Feel free to share your experiences or questions here in this thread.