View Full Version : MR-03 Variable Pre-load Plate Questions

2012.02.06, 04:11 AM
I had no luck in Atomic's manufacturer section so I thought I would try here. Copied and pasted:

I just have a few questions regarding this part:


-When used with the included black spring holders, what is the pre-load in relation to stock?

-Can this part be used without the included black spring holders? If so, what would then be the pre-load in relation to stock?



2012.02.06, 07:49 AM
Hi Chris,

FYI, your link doesn't work. I think you're talking about part MR3-027?

Ask in the Atomic support section. Sai, Atomic USA rep can answer.

Also FYI, I am going to use this part shortly as I'm building an all Atomic HSV. Hopefully it will be ready for the endurance race.

2012.02.06, 11:28 AM
Link fixed. I did ask in Atomic section, no luck. Thread has been there for a while.

Good luck on the build, hopefully my car will be done too by then. Only limitation right now is batteries :(.

Yes that's the part btw.


2012.04.12, 12:32 AM
I would assume its set to be stock preload with the black cups. Then you would add the metal washers to set preload.