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2012.02.07, 07:14 PM
Hello there guys! Long time no see? Anyway, Im coming back to the MiniZ scene and have a few questions.
I just purchased two bodies that are labeled as use for AWD MA01 chassis. Purchased the red Mazda RX7 FC3S Aero, and the latest Pearl white Nissan GTR Spec V.

Question is, do I have to use them on the AWD chassis? I know the new GTR is AWD, but the RX7 is RWD. So, was thinking about new AWD chassis, and MR03 chassis. What you think?

Reason Im getting back into it is I need a hobby that is not limited to weather. What I mean is, when I fly my helicopters, I require calm air and sometimes thats hard to come by. My local club still races, and I kind of miss seeing them and racing them. Plus, cars I understand when they go wrong. Helicopters can be a whole lot trickier.

Anyway, can I use the RX7 on the MR03? I know the older ones were M01 chassis. But since it sais AWD, I have to ask.

2012.02.07, 07:28 PM
The only difference between the AWD and 2wd bodies are the wheels. Mr03 can use all AWD bodies.

2012.02.07, 07:48 PM
Thank you, if I remember correctly the MR02 couldnt share the same bodies right?
What makes the MR03 different?

2012.02.07, 08:42 PM
its a lot narrower chassis.

2012.02.07, 08:55 PM
MR03 is narrower than MR02?

2012.02.08, 06:14 AM
Mr03 has wide or narrow front end that can be fitted. So wide front end makes it the same as the 02,the narrow front end means it can use awd or 01 bodies.

2012.02.08, 10:23 AM
How versityle! :)

2012.02.09, 03:10 AM
hi marc

the mr03 is kinda like a one chassis fits all bodies kinda thing - mr02, mr015, mr01 and awd bodies will fit... provided you use the correct front track width, motor pod and rim offset for the particular body...

welcome back... :D

2012.02.09, 06:27 PM
I will be running the RX7 FC3S Aero on MR03. So will need to know the proper settings for that car. I would like to find the gold Team Atlis wheels for it, but noticed they are getting harder to find and the shop I used to buy my MiniZ parts from, has a tiny supply of those rims. EGR Mart I think it was.