View Full Version : Best 2.4 TX?

2012.02.08, 12:32 PM
For getting back into racing, what is the best 2.4 TX I can buy without breaking the bank? Id like to get that limited editon red one, but cant find it. I also, dont watnt that cheap 2.4 one that they released when they first introduce the 2.4 system.

2012.02.08, 01:59 PM
i think you are referring to the EX5 marc. Apart from that a used ex-10Helios or EX1 could be your best bet.

2012.02.08, 06:35 PM
Marc, I had the KT-18, EX-5 and now EX10 Eurus. KT 18 is a toy, EX5 is okay but not the greatest for competitive racing. I recently got the Eurus and it added two more laps per race for me. I feel the steering is more accurate and the curves are actual. I also like the feel of increasing the tension on the steering wheel..

2012.02.08, 06:39 PM
Sounds like it has force feedback?
I remember the K18, it was okay to start with, but not for long term. I plan on keeping my car collection to a minimum and not sure I need the highest end TX yet.

2012.02.09, 05:54 AM
Then go with the EX5.
I have one since its realy almost 3 years ago.
Never any problem, very happy with it.

2012.02.09, 06:23 AM
The EX5 feels a little toyish but it's a solid radio. For the price though, you could easily get yourself a used EX-1 which pretty much blows it out of the water...