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2012.02.08, 05:25 PM
This might be a dumb question. Is the oil used for disc damper plates the same as the oil used in oil shocks? Reason i ask is i mixed up my small bottles and can't tell which is which

2012.02.08, 05:32 PM
yes... can be... I use losi or t/a shock oil on my discs

2012.02.08, 06:40 PM
thx twinkie. someone recently gave me a small bottle of Atomic silicone oil. Do u Know if this meant for oil shocks?

2012.02.09, 02:36 AM
I use 30-80wt silicon oil in the Kyosho damper, but use 3500wt - 7500wt on the disk damper.
I use 15k grease on the tri damper setup.
But this is something you can experiment with.

2012.02.28, 11:50 AM
Depends on the set up. For my mr03 94mm set up I currently use losi 17 1/2 shock oil. For my mr03 98mm set up I use kyosho 1000wt gear diff grease. I think on my tri shock set up I use kyosho 5000wt gear diff grease. And yes, the oil that comes with the kyosho oil shock is the same as the oil that comes with their damper systems. It's kyosho 200wt silicone shock oil. You can pick it up in a bigger bottle or get the R246 silicone shock oil set which has 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500wt oils which is just kyosho shock oil in smaller bottles for 13 bucks. The shop here sells them. I think they also sell just a single bottles as well.