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2012.02.09, 12:16 PM
Is the new Buggy a capable off roader? Or is it only good for pavement and whatver the Overlander was good for? Can I drive this on a standard 1/18 scale off road RC track? Where can this little thing run and how dirt/mud proof is it? Im tempted to get one for just overal bashing about.

2012.02.09, 01:07 PM
I'd do some reading about members who've gotten them and their overall impressions.

To me, It's kind of expensive to just bash around. Our club's goal this summer is to run an RCP off road series with the Lazer by creating bumps and jumps by adding material under the track.:D

2012.02.09, 03:26 PM
You can't use it for bashing, as the chassis is not designed for that purpose.
Kyosho advise to put scotch tape to avoid sand/dirt getting inside, but at that scale anything is quite lethal.
It is perfect on-road or on RCP tracks, with suitable bumps, and the overall vehicle is precise and tunable. Like other mini-z , with added jumps capability

2012.02.09, 04:19 PM
Dang, I was hoping to drive mine outside a bit once I receive it. Looks like I will want a mini Traxxas for that. Time to bleed some more money...

cowboysir, let's hope my buggy isn't wrecked by the time your off-road series starts this year!

2012.02.09, 04:52 PM
You could probably drive it on small pebbles/paths. But anyplace with great amounts of dust kickup is going to eat it alive (bearings/shocks/joints).

If its a moist clay 1/18th track, you could. But I would upgrade to motor because stock will seem too slow on one of those. But most 1/18th tracks I know of are carpet?

Also fwiw this guy did make a track in his backyard for his SCT, which if you had a buggy would it it alive (unless he has a brushless in it). The dirt around here is moist though and not dusty/sandy. So not as much drivetrain wear.


Cowboysir, I wish we had a track here like that. Going up to BC from Seattle is kinda expensive/long just for that.

2012.02.09, 06:34 PM
If its that delicat, then what is the point of having a Mini Buggy? Buggies are meant to go off road, not road racing like sports cars!

2012.02.09, 09:38 PM
Reading my post I think it sounds wrong. When speaking about eating it alive with regards to that guys track. I meant the buggy would KILL the SCT on it.

They aren't that delicate, but they also aren't meant for insane bashing.

This might help give you an idea of where it can go. :)


2012.02.09, 10:32 PM
Cowboysir, I wish we had a track here like that. Going up to BC from Seattle is kinda expensive/long just for that.

oXYnary, check out the forums at competition-rc dot com...a bunch of us also race in Surrey, BC which is just across the border so 2hrs-ish to there isnt so bad?

back on topic...:D

2012.02.09, 11:07 PM
It's expensive for a micro basher, but that's exactly what I do with my optima. I just love high quality RC. In terms of quality and precision, it's top in it's class (IMO).

The only problem I've had outside was driving it through a small pile of playground (read: beach-like) sand. Some grains popped up into the steering links and my steering seized up. I cleaned it out and it works fine, but I won't be trying that again.

Other than that, I've had no problems over concrete and hard packed dirt with random debris. However, like pretty much any micro I've had (e.g., MZM, micro-T), you have to be sensitive of your terrain. I'd stay away from loose dirt. I definately wouldn't run it in in something like wet mud. Micros just aren't as tough as their bigger cousins.

If you don't do a lot of "tight" driving, I'd suggest upgrading the motor because the box-stock buggy is just not that fast in a straight line. I run stock, but I'm always swerving around stuff.

One more thing... somebody mentioned a "mini traxxas". I don't think you can compare the two. A MERV will do many, many things better than the mini z buggy. It's just much bigger and more powerful. The reason to get the mini z buggy is because you want something small that can drive in small places (e.g., inside and out). I have both and love both.

Hope this helps.

2012.02.09, 11:30 PM
I have both and love both.
That's my plan! :D If I'm going out somewhere with the plan to bash outside I will use the mini Traxxas (currently leaning to mini Summit over MERV), but the MB-010 seems small enough to bring along almost anywhere for impromptu driving.

Seattle's farther than 2 hours... or maybe I just drive slowly. But if you're unlucky with border waits I don't think it's worth it. Maybe if schedules work out to have a longer multi-day meet with accommodations then maybe it's more worthwhile to travel a distance. I don't think there's a good reason for a person in US to come visit us, but I can find many reasons to go to USA, like Hobbytown (and Trader Joe's.......)

2012.02.10, 08:36 AM
Check this vid, outdoor track... clay.