View Full Version : Turn on Private Messaging again please.

2002.08.02, 07:51 PM
(see subject)

it would make things better.

2002.08.02, 08:02 PM
I don't think it would. These little fights don't break out that often. And when they do, it never reaches past the forums, be it email, chat, or private messages.

I suggested in another thread that instead of fighting on the forums & getting everyone upset, take it out with eachother over email or a chat program.

Thanks for the suggestion and the support!!!

2002.08.02, 09:06 PM

As in, i want to private MSG NOMOTORLIMIT about something, and I freakin' can't.

It's _very_ annoying to have to use email for short messages.

Please turn it on. There's always the "ignore" function if someone decides to try to start a fight with me.

2002.08.02, 09:15 PM
As far as that goes... it was the admin's decision. The private messages were using way too much bandwidth.