View Full Version : asf bind button not functioning...

2012.02.10, 06:17 PM

Got a 03 chassis that the bind button seems to have kacked out...there is only a tiny amount of movement up/down on the button and no matter what i do it will not bind to the module/Tx.

Before you respond:

1. yes i know the bind procedure
2. It was bound to other TX modules before (even ones in my posession)

Is there any hope of reviving the bind process on this board so I can make use of it? I'm going to switch it out but I'd still like to save it for another chassis in the future.

2012.02.10, 06:23 PM
nevermind...got it to bind finally. After about an hour of trying various different positions to get the bind button depressed "just so" and it finally bound to my TX.