View Full Version : 2012 Scheduel?

2012.02.11, 11:06 AM
Is there a scheduel for 2012 Mini-Z racing? And do you guys still race the Xmods? I have a friend who lives in Fountain that only has Xmods and he said he wanted to join.
Also, where is the new location? Thank you!

2012.02.13, 11:48 AM
Any info? Is this year done till fall?

2012.02.18, 07:10 PM
Nothing yet? Do I take it that this season is over?

2012.10.16, 05:59 PM
Mini-z racing, basically stock in the Springs every other week or so.

I'm up in Denver with 3 wide-L's and nobody to run with so I go down when they race.