View Full Version : Auto Scale Tire Quality?

2012.02.12, 06:05 PM
I was told that the tires that come in auto scales possibly might not be as sticky as their equivalent tires purchased separately in package. I'm specifically referring to the 30 degree front slicks that come in modern auto scales. Can anyone confirm/deny this?



pomme de terre
2012.02.12, 07:27 PM
From my experience, they aren't the same tires.

The little piece of paper that comes with the autoscales says that the tires are 30 deg slicks. However, I've tried running them, and found that they have less grip than the actual 30 deg slicks (MZW2-30). My car was understeering and I didn't know why, until I switched to a real set of 30's and everything was fine again.

Someone else can weigh in on this as well...

2012.02.12, 07:42 PM
Oops, I meant 30s, I keep confusing the two. Two sources is good enough for me. Need to go buy some more tires :(.

2012.02.12, 07:50 PM
It's tuff to answer because historically tires shipped with autoscales has changed a couple times. The most recent have been ok. Some report getting tires that are usable while other will say they are worthless. Just be happy they aren't using 50's anymore. Those were worthless unless you drive on asphalt.

2012.02.12, 08:09 PM
the tires sent with the mr03 ready sets are 20r and 30f.

pomme de terre
2012.02.12, 08:48 PM
the tires sent with the mr03 ready sets are 20r and 30f.

This doesn't seem to be true for all chassis+body sets. Purchased mine July/Aug last year, and the sheet that came with the package claimed the tires were 30 deg slicks all around.

But they were all also useless, including the front 30's.

The only case where the chassis has come with 20R and 30F for me is the F1 SP chassis. I was actually able to use the tires straight out of the box with no problems. And they were no different from the actual set I purchased later.

2012.02.15, 11:45 AM
If I may add my experience, though it is not with ASC...

I bought a MR-015 ASF chassis, and the tires which came with it were quite grippy on RCP, I would traction roll a lot (or just poor suspension setup and nonexistent driving technique) but the tires which came on my MR-015 i-Series readyset were utterly hopeless, they would spin out on RCP at the slightest touch of the throttle even after an ASF conversion with a friendlier throttle curve. BUT! I found a good use for them, as right now they are the only thing I have that let me drift on hardwood floor with my AWD.

pomme de terre
2012.02.15, 03:32 PM
I should correct myself and say that all these tires that come with autoscales and chassis sets, that are specified as 30 deg, are not completely useless.

They do still grip on RCP and behave closer to 40 deg tires (I'm estimating here) rather than grip like 30s. This means they have some use as front tires in shorter wheelbase setups to help reduce problems such as traction rolling.