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2012.02.12, 09:59 PM
ZRound is the program that MC3 uses for lap counting.

We've had a great relationship over the years with Jesús and as you know, he's just released a companion application for android 2.3 phones which lets you select your transponder number and see your personal laps.

MC3 and ZRound have partnered to bring the same ZRound Companion application to the BlackBerry® Playbook ™. Right now the app only works on OS 2.0 which is currently not available to the public, however RIM™ has said it will be available some time this month.

MC3 has also been accepted as a vendor with BlackBerry® App World which doesn't mean a guarantee that the application will be accepted for distribution, but it does look positive. We've submitted the application for evaluation (fingers crossed).

The cost will be free and support will be provided by MC3 once approved for distribution through App World.

In future, we will also be looking to build a version for BlackBerry® phones.

We will update this thread with more info as it becomes available.

I've create a small guide as to how to configure the program and what the various fields mean. This information can also be used for the Android version however it is beyond the size limit in this forum.

The MC3 website has a "software" menu item, linked below which has all this information available for viewing:


Legal Notice

The ZRound Companion BlackBerry® Playbook ™ program brought to you by Mini-Car Club of Canada (MC3) is in agreement with the developer, Jesús M. Broceńo. ZRound remains copyright and trademark of Jesús M. Broceńo.

The Trademarks [RIM, BlackBerry, PlayBook] are owned by Research In Motion Limited and is registered in the United States and may be pending or registered in other countries. Mini-Car Club of Canada is not endorsed, sponsored, affiliated with or otherwise authorized by Research In Motion Limited.

2012.02.12, 10:29 PM
I tried it someone's playbook on the MC3 track last week and it is a wonderful piece of program. It is so good that I checked out the price of a android phone yesterday but it is too expensive and I am already locked into a 3 yrs contact already with my iPhone. Hopefully, it will be ported to iPhone soon in the future. Can't wait the iPhone version to arrive.:D

2012.02.13, 12:40 PM
unless MC3 is an apple developer, your going to be waiting a long time. Jesus has already made zrounds position clear on apple app development. i to would like to see it done but it's costly to do apple apps.

i wouldn't be giving the blackberry app away for free either. i think you guys are VERY generous for doing so. $2 would be more than fare (think you could easily go higher) for time/costs in creating and supporting the app. i understand the nature of development and support and i personally would not give my time away for free as it's a very valuable commodity always in very short supply. again, i think blackberry users are VERY fortunate MC3 is doing this. the upside is at least that blackberry market share is getting smaller:p

2012.02.13, 01:03 PM
i know rim opened up there os for android developers, but will this app work on android os. i ask due to second post

2012.02.13, 01:28 PM
Hi Chad,

The android app is available in this post:


There is a download link for the Android version there.

2012.02.13, 04:08 PM
cool, I have a playbook and will have to check it out.

PS. if you haven't checked out the playbook, it's Awesome! 2.0 will be even better, I've been running the beta for awhile and it's great.

2012.02.29, 12:19 PM
The application has now been approved for distribution through BlackBerry App World. If you haven't already, upgrade to OS 2.0 as it is required to run this app. OS 2.0 is now publicly available.

The app will be available shortly as I've been informed it may take up to 24 hours for it to appear in App World.

Many thanks to Jesus for his help on this project and my website guy, Peter.

Sidenote- the sound functionality recently introduced in the Android version is not currently available for PlayBook.

2012.03.01, 06:29 PM
Please download and give it a good rating.

here is the weblink:



2012.03.02, 12:53 PM
just installed on my playbook, now it's ready when a visit a track running Zround. :)

I'm hoping more developers port their android apps to the playbook. they've made it very simple and the playbook itself is awesome. I've got 2 of them now. :)

2012.03.23, 12:00 PM
There have been a total of 22 downloads of ZRound Companion from App World. Please continue to download the product and provide suggestions through this forum for future development suggestions.

2012.11.05, 10:06 PM
please note that I've converted the latest Android version to playbook format. Some good news and some bad news.

Good news is that the program is running good in almost all respects. The program announces the lap times, etc...

The bad news is that whenever you try to retrieve results from a previous session, (quick select) the program crashes. "the application ZRound (process com.zround) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again." then a button "Force close".

This is the same case after a long select and press the "view laps" option, same message as above

2012.11.11, 08:08 PM
FYI, even though the history (saved sessions) functionality is not working, I submitted the new version to app world.

What's new is that you now hear your lap times being called out by the program and a noise to alert of personal fastest lap set.

All those that have the program installed already should get an update alert from app world when the new version has been approved by RIM.

2012.11.14, 10:17 AM
As noted, there are new features (see above post), however as also noted above the sessions functionality is not currently working. I'll update if/when this issue is resolved.