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2012.02.16, 06:45 PM
We're having a race march 4th in southeastern ohio. We've been running down here with 7 or 8 of us for the last year and are wanting more people to run with. We're renting out a large building to really try and get a huge layout to run on. Most of our tracks are in the 8 second range and this should be more of a 15 second or larger track.

It will be a large track with around 7 wide L's and some wide turns and 45's.

Just running one class. The only spec is 70 turn motors. All hop ups, wheel bases, tires and body mods allowed. If a few show up with mod motors though I'm sure we can get a class going for them
Using core timing system with plenty of tags for everyone.

Race will be held in mcarthur ohio at the community building starting at 2pm. zip code is 45651 if you want to see how far it is.

We are usually just basement racers because the scene is dead in ohio, but if we could get a few more people interested in it, we could start to do monthly or biweekly races. We have several large buildings that we could use if we could just get the racers to show up.

For more info email me at r8ers2002@yahoo.com

2012.02.23, 09:48 AM
Come on guys. I know there are some racers decently close to us who's mini z is setting there collecting dust.

2013.07.01, 07:18 AM
So whats the date you all have in mind for this event.

2013.07.01, 09:51 AM
Not sure but i think this was last year. I don't know what is going on here... :confused: