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2012.02.18, 11:13 AM

Has anyone tried this? I am guessing you still need to use rear side springs.
Is this better than the PN mount?


pomme de terre
2012.02.18, 12:02 PM
Pretty much all the guys here in Toronto run this mount.

It comes with the disk damper system as well as 3 sets of springs for the damper disks. The wing is height adjustable with a sliding bracket just like the
PN mount, but it also has the axle height adjusting bearing sleeves (like what most MR03 mounts have), unlike the PN mount (or at least the old PN mount, I'm not sure if there's an updated one).

It has sockets built into the mount, if you choose to use rear side springs. I personally dont.

The only bad thing is that this mount uses sliding brackets to hold the motor, rather than screws. This makes meshing a little bit more difficult. You also need to buy a separate bracket to fit motors than have a larger bushing/bearing (like PN motors), or drill out the hole on the one they give you.

2012.02.18, 01:09 PM
sounds good, till the motor bit, the bracket for the PN motors, is there a part number? I am not able to find it :) I have the atomic dps but it does not fit with the PN mount, although I have managed to get it fitted without springs. Would be good to be able to buy just the mount without the damper as well.

pomme de terre
2012.02.19, 12:12 AM
The disk damper system that comes with the R246 mount works pretty well, since it comes with soft/med/hard springs and the post is height adjustable. It's a pretty good deal considering the mount is only ~$30. The disk size is also the same as standard MR03 disks so you can swap them out for better ones if you wish.

As for part numbers, the mount is R246-1701 (http://www minicarclubofcanada.com/Shopping.aspx? ShowType=item&ItemID=212023644). The different size brackets is R246-1702 (http://www minicarclubofcanada.com/Shopping.aspx?ShowType=item&ItemID=212023674). I believe I use the 6.2mm one for the PN and Atomic 17mm round can motors.

2012.02.19, 04:36 AM
thanks buddy.

2012.02.28, 12:08 PM
Well I got all my bits, even with the different motor brackets, I cannot use my x-speed motor or my PN AWD Speedy motor. As none of the brackets hold the motor firmly. Using the 6.0 the PN70T motor holds, but with all other brackets the motor moves. Bit disappointing really.

pomme de terre
2012.02.28, 03:22 PM
The X-speed uses the bracket that comes with the mount (smallest hole I believe). The bracket for the endbell is the same for all motors, and the included shims are to be used here to take out any lateral slop.

If everything is installed correctly and the screws for both brackets are tightened down, the motor shouldn't move around.

2012.02.29, 02:06 AM
I will give it another shot tonight. Other than that te mount is really good. I use both shims with my speedy motor and it moves will try with x-speed and let you know. Is there a list of compatible motors for this mount? Has anyone completed a review of this mount?

2012.02.29, 09:16 AM
the real problem is there is no choice out there. If you want a metal mount, R246 is the only choice out there right now. PN and Atomic one are both out of production.

2012.02.29, 10:14 AM
Well I had a PN mount, sold it as I thought the R246 would be better :( I will try this again later today.

2012.03.01, 02:56 AM
Managed to get the X-Speed motor in, thanks for the advice. Would be good to get a list of motors that work with this mount, I will start it off :)

1) X-Speed
2) PN 70T

pomme de terre
2012.03.01, 07:24 AM
I've used numerous different motors and never had an issue:

1) X-speed - 6.0mm bracket
2) PN 70/50/43T - 6.2mm bracket
3) Atomic 17mm round can - 6.2mm bracket

Unless your motor is not standard sized, I really don't see why it wouldnt fit.

2012.03.01, 07:54 AM
the only issue i have is with the PN AWD speedy motor, it looks the same size, but the motor moves no matter which bracket I use or number of shims.

2012.05.22, 09:58 PM
I cut a piece of tape to fit on the bottom of the bracket for the end bell for the X speed motor and it solve the forward/backward movement. Now it's nice and tight. This pod goes great with the PN F1 64P Diff. Now it sounds so quiet and almost drives like an 03!