View Full Version : Help with track layout. RCP and Losi.

2012.02.20, 11:27 AM
What I have is the RCP Wide Oval, Part Number 10428-01 and the Losi off road track, part number losb1624. What I want to do is combine the track to run Mini Z's and also run the Losi Micro T's. Lose the jumps when running on road and put them back up when running off road. I'm sure many of yall have combined the Wide L with the Wide Oval.

I used the search function and didn't come up with much.

Thanks in advance.

2012.02.20, 03:56 PM
The traction surface on the Losi track is too rough for Mini-z. Though I think? The smooth side is the same for both.

Get a Mini-Z Buggy and never look at your Micro-Ts again. :D

2012.02.20, 08:24 PM
Thanks, but traction isn't all that important. A good driver learns how to set up his cars, and drives what it is given. That's half the idea on this set up.