View Full Version : Does Kyosho ever re-release AutoScales?

2012.02.20, 04:24 PM
I'm fairly new to this hobby and I'm salivating over all the great AutoScales that have been made through the years. Unfortunately, it's next to impossible to find the good stuff online and in stores!

Has Kyosho ever re-released a series? I'm hoping to take advantage of that whenever it happens...

2012.02.20, 05:11 PM
yes. over the years kyosho has revealed that production runs are decreasing in size however they do re-run some models. we have never been privy to the schedule so there is no means to predict it.

2012.02.20, 06:06 PM
I know of the Lancia Stratos, Shelby Cobra and the Porsche 934 in red that have been re-issued of late.
Any others?

Tim Johnson
2012.02.20, 08:15 PM
Kyosho Rereleases Autoscales all the time. Sometimes it could be a year or two before coming back around again. Not all get to be reissued, but many do.

You know we did have someone here on the forum that would keep people informed about that stuff.

There is a shop here(this forum), Tiny RC, that keeps what they can in stock. Push the shop button at the top of this page. Otherwise if you like PM me and I can get you a few other shops across the country that heavily support the mini-z community.

2012.02.20, 08:31 PM
It would be easier to say what hasn't thanks what has:p

What makes it more confusing is that kyosho keeps changing the prefix product codes. The Russian website is the only one I'm aware of that has probably all of them. I don't know if they have all product codes associated with each body.

2012.02.21, 12:34 PM
There is a shop here(this forum), Tiny RC, that keeps what they can in stock.

Actually, this just helped me - I discovered they had a discontinued AutoScale in stock that I have been looking for (that I haven't been able to find anywhere else).

I can scratch another one off my list. Thanks!

2012.12.20, 10:40 AM
btw does anyone know why Kyosho changed its product codes?
MZC Components?
MZG->MZX Glosscoat but why X?
MZP Fine Hand Polish

Just wondering...:p

2012.12.20, 11:02 AM
we've gone through 3-4 codes for autoscales and maybe 2-3 for white bodies. no one knows why but the assumption is, whenever they make a running change in production, they change the product code. ie; normal to glosscoat to hand polished.

2012.12.20, 11:32 AM
btw I read on the official mini-z blog that in Japan demand is high for a comeback of the glosscoating (nothing official because this treatment is costly and as autoscales are already too expensive I don't see why they'd return to glosscoat) but I guess Kyosho wouldn't change the code back to MZG after having switched to MZX once... :rolleyes:

2012.12.20, 01:40 PM
i doubt they would go back to one already used but very likely they will simply create another. they do not mix differing production lines within the same product code.

more liked glosscoat than disliked but i would prefer they figure out the more economical autoscale they are reportedly working on vs. making them more expensive.