View Full Version : Current AutoScales with most potential to be collectable?

2012.02.21, 12:43 PM
I'm currently building my AutoScale collection, and I'm trying to figure out which ones I should buy that have the most potential to be collectable 5-10 years from now. Mostly I buy what I like but I would like to include a few that will make people go :eek: when they see them. :D

From my very limited experience with Mini Z's, it seems that it has been mostly the Japanese race cars that have held the most demand over the years. Also, the oddball AutoScales tend to do quite well (like the Caprice Taxi/Police cars).

But what is currently available that has the most potential? I think some of the Honda HSV and Nissan GTR race cars could hold their value well, but I'm not sure about others...

2012.02.21, 12:52 PM
i honestly don't think any current ASC's will be collectable. the only ones i would say are going to be collectable if they aren't already are the hobby show exclusives that kyosho puts out. i think kyosho makes so many of the current ASC's that a lot of people will still have NIB ones in a few years

2012.02.21, 02:29 PM
not so. production runs are much smaller and far fewer in between. what will determine it's collectability are intangibles such as consumer demand, etc. in conjunction with availability.

what tosses a monkey wrench into that is kyosho will tend to re-issue an autoscale after several years (see corvettes, old porsche, clk, etc.)

this is why it is often very hard to find an autoscale shortly after it's released. i will counter that this may change with the recent price increase which could lead to stagnation. autoscale sales have plummeted in recent years as a result of the rounds of price increases. sales of white bodies has naturally increased as a result making them harder to get. production runs of white bodes is sporadic at best, you going to get the initial batch following any new body but after that, it's anyones guess. the cobra for example just came back which no one could predict as there isn't any real increase in demand for it.

2012.02.21, 03:05 PM
If you were to use the Original Teile Benz as a gauge, then I would have to say that the Evo with the anime scheme would be the next rare one out there.

2012.02.21, 03:26 PM
I'd add that if a body is a favorite of racers because of handling, it may become more collectible. More will be bought and raced, leaving fewer new ones in circulation while making those that remain more sought after by racers in the future. The NSX is a good example in my mind, and I would guess the F-360/430s may be worth more later.

2012.04.30, 10:31 PM
Sold some bodies after collecting for 5-6 years. Almost any bodies that Kyosho stop making will appreciate. How much it appreciate will depend on several factor. The best one was Colin McRae Ford Focus WRC. Sold for around $70 before his passing. After he was gone, price went to $400 on ebay. Can't predict that one. Can't predict collectible in general anyway.
Typically, if Kyosho makes a unique car that appeals to enthusiast, but does not handle well, they will stop making it after a while. After some time, price will go up. If a car handles well, then it will sell well, and Kyosho will continue to make it. Price won't go up much.
The best are the cars that handle well, and for some reason Kyosho don't make that many of them. Mercedes AMG CLK was one of them. Price will go thru the roof. Mercedes SLR McLaren may do well in the future as well.
Cars like the Enzo, Kyosho has been making them all along. They keep the same price.
If I were to bet, it would be the Porsche 911 GT1. Very nice paint scheme. Alice Motor Evo X would be another good bet. It came out in Japan last year, then stopped. Ebay already had some that sold up to $90. Kyosho is selling again here in the state next week. Price will crash. But it has a good history for it already.
Also look for cars that has been out for a while, and near end of production so you don't have to wait so long.

2012.05.01, 10:53 AM
Personally I would hold off on buying any ASC as an "investment" like everyone was saying Kyosho has released a lot of bodies that were one difficult to find. A few years ago unpainted 360 bodies were impossible to get so I managed to buy two from a person in the UK for a lot of money about two weeks later what happened? Kyosho released them. Also until the economy improves all collectibles markets are down. My advice to you is to take the money you were planning on spending on the ASC and open a CD!

P.S. Also remember that Mini-z is a niche market for Kyo so who knows if they will even be around in a few more years and honestly the bodies just aren't that nice to be a stand alone collectible IMO.

2012.05.01, 12:48 PM
i've been in mini-z since the begining and i do not recommend anyone look at mini-z as an 'investment'. it's simply not sound financially. if your a collector, your buying for different reasons and it' doesn't hurt that they often go up in value.

i'm afraid paying high dollar for ferrari 360 whitebodies was a decision of desperation and/or necessity at a moment in time. at the time, i'm sure it was a fair value for something that was, at the time, difficult to obtain. simple economics. it only seems like a bad price when availability returns. it's a choice one makes, pay the going rate or wait or purchase something else.

production runs are getting smaller and smaller. autoscale sales are in constant decline over the last 5+ years.

i've been hearing about the immanent death of mini-z for 10 years... i'm not saying it's impossible or improbable but people have been saying that for a long time. it's like the end of world people always trying to predict the inevitable but never getting it right.

2012.05.01, 02:57 PM
I would not recommend anyone dumping their 401k or stock portfolio into mini-z bodies. In general, using anything collectable as investment is risky. But in the current economic climate, any investment is risky.

The stock market has not gone up much in last 4 years either. Many newsletter recommend against buy and hold with stock. Bank and CD interest is what 1-2%. Can't even keep up with inflation. You are actually loosing money because inflation is probably 4%, and likely go higher in coming years. That leaves gold, but is at an all time high. Bad time to go in.

Realize the rich are buying up classic cars and arts as a hedge against inflation. Price of classic cars have skyrocketed. They usually know something we don't. As the 99%, collecting some toys like Tamiya or other classic R/C cars may not be such a bad idea. Mostly is for fun. Is nice to have a shelf of mini-z bodies that are rare.

The key is buy low sell high. If a body has already gone up, forget it. Never pay high dollars for a limited edition body. Is easy to get sucked into the mentality of the market. Always buy at retail price or sale price then wait for it to go up. I have a small collection of classic Tamiya classic R/C cars. They have all gone up in value. Sold a Sand Rover to buy a RCP track some time ago for twice what I paid for. Still have a new Sand Scorcher. Lost value when re-issue came out, but still higher than what I paid for it 14 years ago. I just keep it in the attic.

2012.12.20, 03:32 AM
The Nissan GT-R (SuperGT versions) are already becoming rare.
Black Testcar 2008 for instance, is beautiful in its black matte paint scheme; the Calsonic will have its fans; the YellowHat Tomica is rarely seen; the Advan Woodone too; the Xanavi Nismo is still popular; the Xanavi Testcar is often forgotten but it's a very nicely done body.

Enzo GT Concept is also very nice (I heard only 2 available per shop) but it's a limited edition and you already know that :)

Alice Motors Lan Evo X are indeed a nice candidate too.

HSV010 are very collectible, because there are 5 (+ 1 white) but are quite ubiquitous now.

Audi R8 LMS are very popular in racing so I guess they'll become like the F360 (lots of broken ones and thus few of nib)... :)