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2012.02.22, 07:14 PM
Location is at West Oaks Mall on the west side. It will be located inside a Slot Car track and will be the only track located indoors with AC and away from the rain. Location is at http://slotcarsofkaty.com/

I'm naming it HMSR.

My first layout, it's simple, but it's roughly 10'x21 1/2'. I'm racing slots this weekend, so a update on Houston Mini Scale Racing at Slot cars of Katy. Thanks PA. I sketched out a layout today, a simple one combining the Losi Wide L section and adding the RCP Wide Oval section at the tail end and I end up with a much bigger track than I thought.

Overall, it will be big enough to run 18th scale mod cars and easily 24th scale cars like the Losi 24th scale cars. And Mini Z's, Micro-T and DT's. Got my DT in today.

I'm gonna wait till next weekend to set it up if that's ok . Set up will be March 3rd starting at noon, maybe get some runs in, first official GTG will be Sunday at noon March 4th.

Opening day is scheduled for March 4th @ noon, and entry will be free. After that it will be $5 per person and that goes to the guy paying the bills. Not a dime goes in my pocket because this is a "Club" track. If we have to raise the entry fee, it's because the money goes to whom brings the timing system. And that be determined based on interest in the only indoor RC track in Houston.

Schedule for now is opposite the weekends of slot car racing which will be every other weekend, 1st and 4th weekend of the month and subject to change
based on special slot cars races, or birthday parties for the slot car kiddies.

Rules subject to change, your mileage vary, and not available in all areas. RC cars, and slot cars have been known to cause smiling, happiness, and an adrenalin buzz in those who participate. Side effects can include watery eyes, and elevated heart rate. If you get those symptoms, your having fun!

2012.03.04, 09:03 AM
Opening day today. :D


The grand opening is postponed until next weekend, March 10th and 11th. I got the track delivered, but just feel too lazy to set it up, just to tear it down today. Next weekend, the track will be up from Saturday about noon to 10:00pm, until Sunday from noon until about 6:00pm.