View Full Version : What's the fastest motor I can use with stock fets?

2012.02.22, 07:52 PM
I've only ran 70 turn motors until now. In our club that's our only spec we have to keep the cars competitive and easy to drive. I'm wanting something to play with though, and I don't want to have to stack fets or anything like that. So what's the fastest motor I can safely run with the stock fets, without worrying about burning anything up?

unearthed name
2012.02.22, 08:14 PM
X-spped is fast. So does atomic stock-r

2012.02.23, 04:20 AM
But you don't say what model you got.
But if it's a MR-02 AM then...and it's a different question with the MR-02 ASF...
If it's a MR-03 I drive a PN33T, PN43T and RR CTP70T.

2012.02.23, 05:40 AM
Propably a PN 50T

2012.02.23, 05:41 AM
It's an mr03

2012.02.23, 07:13 AM
What do you mean by fastest? Top speed or off the line?

As far as the stock FETs, they should be fine with any production motor you put in an 03, even an ATM T2, Z2 or Chili or a PN 33T, as long as it is geared properly and the drivetrain is free.

Check the marketplace threads for some good FS mod motors ;)

2012.02.23, 07:18 AM
Forgot to say that you should probably work your way down slowly. I learned the hard way :o

So you may want to go to an ATM 60T next, then maybe an X-Speed, PN Speedy07 or 50T, then ATM 48T motors, then PN 43, ATM 40 or PN 39 and finally the really insane motors I mentioned before.

If you jump from a 70T to a 30 somthing turn, your car will be very hard to drive and your setup will require bigger changes.

2012.02.23, 09:46 AM
Let's say I get a 60 and xspeed. I'm using a PN 64p gear diff, and pn 64p ball diff with the stock spur gear, what gearing might hurt the car? I guess what I'm saying is what pinions would be safe to run with them.

2012.02.23, 11:19 AM
I don't think you can over gear with either of those motors. I'd start with a 10t 64p pinion and go up (or down) from there.

2012.02.23, 03:26 PM
With the 60t USA spec motor I love 11/53. You can try a 12t for larger tracks. In general, I gear it the same as I do a 70t, it just has a little more speed on the straights and more power out of the corners.