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2012.02.24, 12:37 AM

Is there any clubs joining this series race?

Would be nice to see more clubs though.

2012.02.24, 12:46 AM
No. We dont have the track recruirements, nor the space to lay it down.

2012.02.25, 07:31 PM

80t motor 12 mins final ... Really interesting!

unearthed name
2012.02.26, 08:52 PM
pray i can compete this weekend fred. DO PRAY!!!

2012.02.26, 09:49 PM
The main difference between this series race and other series as follows:

1. Layout with three tile expansion - as per PN regional small track layout
2. Everyone starts with PN80T motor
3. Top 15 drivers will have to run the 80T motor while the rest can use the 70T in the next run thus giving a slight advantage for the rest to be able to move up the chart

We really hope to see more people joining this series race :)

2012.03.02, 01:34 PM
Singapore is doing the run tomorrow.

I wonder how we would stand out from the rest as the top 15 is using the PN80T over the rest running the PN70T.

Fingers crossed ....

2012.05.04, 12:15 PM
Hi All,

Thank you for supporting this online series race.

We have been running for close to 1 1/2 years for now and it is now towards the end of this series.

We seriously hope to get more clubs in to join us for the race.

We are open to new ideas, feedback and changes.

Drop us a message before end of May so that we can decided on the changes.


2012.07.06, 04:38 AM
@Unearthed name

wherehave u been
standing @40 and keep comin down......:D