View Full Version : Low-buget track

2002.08.03, 05:17 PM
ebay item 1754452552

... need I say more?

2002.08.03, 05:32 PM
i can make a lower budget track with duct tape....

The Thunderer
2002.08.03, 05:50 PM
Even lower budget... everyone has a garden hose, right! LOL!!!! How about ROPE!

Actually, I like this auction's idea!

2002.08.03, 05:51 PM
Yeah? But can you make it portable? This track idea comes apart into bags, and can be reassembled almost any way. That's what i'm impressed with.

The Thunderer
2002.08.03, 05:58 PM
Scott... how much more portable can you make a garden hose? Or a Rope?

Just Kidding... Like I said, I like this idea, but my brother (crusader4x) said that the pipes and stuff can be bought for less than $15.00... AND he provided a diagram!!!! LOL.

Kinda like he shot himself in the foot....

2002.08.03, 06:08 PM
well maybe not 100% duct tape.... i made a portable track useing duct tape and popcicle sticks.... and when i'm done, i just roll em up.... cost no more than $5

2002.08.04, 12:02 PM
I think this is a well thought out and valuable product. Obviously it's going to cost more than the materials themselves as the guy has put some time into coming up with it. There's definitely value to this product as it appeals to someone who doesn't have the time or tools to trim the pipes themselves and try to devise a layout.

Night Stalker
2002.08.05, 09:51 AM
I emailed the seller last night and asked him what materials he used. He used PVC pipe and I guess connectors of some type
:) Then he asked me to bid on it! YOu could build something like that for yourself for less than what the total cost of it will end up being, including shipping.

2002.08.05, 10:53 AM
But that's kind of the point. He's already done all the work for you. You won't have to measure, cut, remeasure, etc...

2002.08.05, 10:59 AM
Most hardware stores will cut things to length for you, at no cost.

Walk in, ask for 30 x 2 foot lengths of PVC pipe 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch, and buy a bunch of single connectors, and T connectors.

BOOM. you're done. Oh, and don't forget to ask for 8 x 1 foot lengths for the "archway" peices.

Trust me, I work at one.

My next track idea though is going to use 17x17 squares, that have dowelling to hold it together. (so you can interlock a massive track, then change it if you want :-P)

If anyone has ideas for me to toy with, i'm game!

The Thunderer
2002.08.05, 10:17 PM
Originally posted by jovaldes
I hope I haven't offended anyone. If I have please forgive me. I'm just another Mini-Zer that just wants to race and have fun.
Thanks, Julio

Jovaldes, I hope I didn't offend YOU! I realized after the post that I left out the part about it being convenient for those who didn't want to take the time to do one. You'll notice in my posts I did say that I liked the idea! ;) I even e-mailed you to explain.

Anyway, good job on that track!

2002.08.05, 10:22 PM
I like the idea too, and i'd probably go make one If i was going to (because i'm a hands on person, and shipping it would cost me money, when I could just make one here)

Hope you can sell it to someone though! it's a damn smart way to make a track that's changeable.

2002.08.06, 01:22 AM
jovaldes, I think that it's a cool idea and I would suggest that you stick at it for a while longer, don't get discouraged so soon! :)

Night Stalker
2002.08.06, 08:10 PM
Sorry jovaldes, my brother told me I got your E-Mail, after he deleted it, and he told me that you asked me to bid on it :) Sorry Again

2002.08.20, 01:46 PM
jovaldes you have mail :)

2002.08.20, 05:04 PM
I will buy it =) How much?

2002.08.21, 02:18 PM
Or if you could send me a copy of the plans i will built it myself. :)

2002.08.25, 02:44 PM
check it out!!!! go to the home depot.. plumbing section they sell this foam pipe covering for about $1 for a 8 foot section this stuff is great....better than swim noddle(if you know what that is) this is the real deal no damage to your car plus you can bend it to any shape you want and no cutting unless you feel the need to cut with a pair of sicssors for a buck a peice i don't know how you can beat it