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2012.02.27, 05:05 PM
I'm trying to figure out who makes the tie rod with the greatest degree of toe angle for wide chassis.

I'm currently running a PN +2 (MR3013).

I know Kyosho makes a plastic set (MZW402), according to the manual included their included +6 is actually 0.6mm longer in length over stock, resulting in approximately 2.2 degrees of toe.

Then there is Kyosho's R246 aluminum option which set includes a +3. Does anyone know any more details on these?

I know Atomic makes tie rods for the MR03 too but I can't seem to understand their system. They have an "A" and "B" type. which one is toe in?

Is there any manufacturer I missed?

It seems everyone uses a different method for categorizing their tie rods, I am looking for the most toe in.



2012.02.28, 02:35 AM
The Atomic aluminum tie-rods for the MR-03 are all toe-OUT.
I mean 0*, 0.5* and 1.0* toe-out.
Type A and type B differs at the steering geometry (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ackermann_steering_geometry).

2012.02.28, 05:14 AM
Is there any manufacturer I missed?


3 Racing makes a full set, but I don't know how they label them.

2012.02.28, 07:36 AM
KM-RC also makes tie rods. Both in carbon and aluminum.

-1 up to + 2

2012.02.28, 08:06 AM
What exactly are you attempting to achieve? An amount of toe out will make the car somewhat unstable in a straight line(wander) but will help at turn in. An amount of toe in will make the car stable in a straight line but will have a tendancy to make the car not want to turn (push) in to a corner.

Camber will affect toe in to a small degree. As you add camber the point around which the steering is connected to the spindle will move which alters toe in/out.

Caster opens another Pandora's box of Q's and A's.

The majority of the toe bars regardless of retailer though highly precision manufactured are not that precise. Pick up a quality measuring device and see for yourself. Even the spindle arms where the toe bar connects can vary widely depending on source. I don't mean to impune anyone's product but the fact remains that for parts that are for the most part made to be interchangeable there are measurement differences that can either help or hinder your end result.