View Full Version : tips for scrubing in new tires?

2012.02.27, 09:48 PM
Just wondering if anyone had a brilliant way to speed the break in period on a set of new tires...
theyre harder than I expected but seem like they need some break in time...
anyone have any tips?

2012.02.27, 11:08 PM
Depends on how DIY you want to do it...

For rears you could just hit the throttle while holding a sanding board (nail file girl thingy) to them.

For fronts I'd suggest the same where you'd have to mount them on the rear of the car just to get them trued.

Let us know if you want something a bit less DIY/ghetto tune.;)

2012.02.27, 11:42 PM
At the top levels of competition we use tire truers to break through the top layer and expose the good rubber underneath. If you're on a budget, though, I've also used the method where you take an old rear pod + motor + differential, lock the differential and use the assembly as a DIY lathe on which you can sand your tires down. As long as you have some calipers to check the diameter after sanding, it's actually not so ghetto. ;)

2012.02.28, 06:54 AM
I use to do it while training... put them in the car, and a few laps they're good to go. As we race in carpet, the initial grip is actually more than the grip we have during the life period of the tire. The life depends of the setup too, 'cause my 7 Atomic's are used until the end (they become slick), just changing the fronts.

I will try the color01 setup to do a tire truer here...

2012.02.28, 11:26 AM
Silicone tires do not true well... Rubber tires do.

2012.03.01, 10:13 PM
Im all about the DIY and love the suggestions!
Thanks Dudes! Long Live the Forum!:D