View Full Version : HFAY S13 Races 3 and 4

2012.02.28, 08:17 AM
Don't forget to get your times uploaded for races 3 and 4.

We didn't get to run this track as it didn't fit in our space. :( We'll be running March races on the 1st :)

Remember you can upload them anytime after your run your races. No need to wait for the end of the month. No other clubs can access your times either.

Burncity has their times uploaded already.


2012.02.28, 12:49 PM
:o i'll get our in tonight. crazy hours at work and a new puppy have upended my life at the moment.

2012.03.07, 08:15 AM
just wanted to make sure I'm not missing anyone else that ran these races.

I'd like to process today (again) today if possible. Anyone else having issues that you need help with?

2012.03.07, 08:33 AM
do you have more than just DC and burncity? the list hasn't changed in 1st post.

2012.03.07, 08:56 AM
yes, but attendance is really down. we lost a few clubs to DW's new series. we weren't able to run as the track exceeded our space. :(

2012.03.07, 09:45 AM
this is why HFAY needs 3WL or 4WL series ;) essentially all the time BTE. attendance for 2WL may decrease to clubs that only have space for 2WL but still gives them the opportunity to compete globally while allowing those clubs with more space to bump up to larger layouts. It will no doubt reduce attendance in specific categories (based on track size) but overall i believe it will increase attendance (in aggregate) as it brings back clubs that moved on due to wanting larger tracks. where HFAY has not provided an opportunity for growth, others have which is why you have some of them leaving. rational reasons that limited expansion of HFAY are well understood but it is what it is now and now there are competing series to contend with. we are limited to 2WL for regularly planned racing so we will always be interested in HFAY. :p i'd also like to be able to expand to larger track categories and potentially different classes like box stock.

2012.03.07, 10:13 AM
with the new system we can easily do that now, It wasn't possible before becasue of my time restraints. with the website doing most of the work now It's easily possible.

2012.03.07, 11:38 AM
You are definetly right on one part arch, but it also has something to do with people moving on to bigger scale or other things rc. Especially when the weather finally breaks i know of a couple members in the club that will disappear. I personally would like to do bigger track layouts but time and money have limited me. And of coarse we are limited to space restrictions. An idea I had would be track designs based on 2 wide L's with a wide oval.

2012.03.07, 02:08 PM
I understand as I also race other scales. 10th pan and 10th TC and also 18R Outlaw on Carpet along with the Mini-Z's.

We will be looking at adding some additional series or monthly stand alone races based on larger track that can be run.

2012.03.07, 07:04 PM
I would like to see a box stock class or do it in motor classes like 80 turn or 50 turn etc. I also race race other classes. Mainly 10th scale off road and mess with helicopters a little. But I always put HFAY ahead of those since its more affordable and fun in my opinion. But I understand.

2012.03.07, 09:54 PM
Good point on the turn count. Stock motor may change but a turn count means not depending on single source issues.