View Full Version : Sorta new to this stuff..

2012.02.28, 08:22 PM
OK so I am new to this I had some xmods cars like when they first came out like gen-1 but I was to young I actually drove one into my pool, but I never forgot how cool they were and well my robotics season just ended and i'm looking to ya know keep building things and well there is no new xmods anymore. Anyways I am looking into getting one of these mini-z cars and I was wondering how much does a OK starter cost probably wont race it much because I don't know anybody that drives RC cars and what are some things I should look at when buying a car?

2012.02.29, 06:12 AM
my opinion is that a MR-03 chassi and kt-18 transmitter is the way to go.
If you find a kit car with a body you like, get that one.
Then get ball bearings, front springs and a T-plate.

From there get tires that can work on the surface your driving on.

Or....get a used MR-03

2012.02.29, 06:16 AM
Check out for 2nd hand cars in the for sale section on these boards and also check ebay.

2012.03.03, 07:28 PM
Ok so I have been looking at different websites and tried to find stores in my area (there are none). I have also been looking at these Fire lap kits from Alixpress (these cars more specifically http://www(dot)aliexpress(dot)com/store/101893/211347453/-Firelap-1-28-2WD-AM27-RC-car(dot)html?SortType=price_asc&SortType=y&groupId=211347453). I was wondering they seam cheap are they reliable? or do you get what you pay for. Also I don't care about speed to much because no one has a track near me.