View Full Version : Removing Paint?

2012.03.03, 07:31 AM
Anyone have any suggestions on what to use to remove a couple of layers of
paint off of a body?
Was thinking about sanding but do not want to scratch or really mess it up too bad?


2012.03.03, 08:39 AM
what kind of paint

2012.03.03, 10:23 AM
Tamiya Spray paint

2012.03.03, 12:56 PM
steel wool takes it off pretty quick

2012.03.03, 01:19 PM
I've tried brake fluid and simple green. Brake fluid works fast but can soften the bodies if your not careful. Simple green worked a lot slower but did not damage the body. I took an autoscale case and filled it with the fluid added body and kept checking I every 10 min. Once the paint started to peel just scrub with a brush to get it out of the detail areas. But just be warned that it can soften the body if not careful

2012.03.03, 02:23 PM
Chad, Thanks for the input, never thought of Simple Green as a paint remover
I'll soak it for awhile and then try steel wool gently!!!
Thanks Jeff, (Seeya Next Saturday! At the Winternats!):D

I'll post how I make out
Thanks again guys!

2012.03.06, 06:03 PM
Just buy w/e type of paint it was thinner, non-acetone, and rub away w/ paper towels.