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2012.03.04, 07:08 PM
I've had my mr03 for about a year and a half now and it just started glitching some today. The only time it ever did it before was when I was breaking a reflex 70 turn motor. From what I gathered this was common with those motors, and after running it through a few packs it worked perfect. Today it started doing it again, so i put in a PN motor and thought it fixed the problem. It seemed to be really random when it would do it. Some runs it seemed fine and others, it would just jerk left or right, and I could here the motor cutting in and out some. It would pull super hard out of some turns and others it would seem like it just wasn't getting as much power as usual.

Anyway, I need some ideas on what might be causing the problem. So far I have swapped motors and rebound the radio, and neither seemed to fix it.

2012.03.04, 07:16 PM
I had a very similar problem with an Atomic motor in my MR03...it would glitch to full left lock very randomly.

I swapped to a clean motor and it went away. Try cleaning the comm and brushes and then re-break it in.

good luck.;)

2012.03.05, 04:37 AM
I have a board with the same problem.
No matter what motor I use, it has the same troubles.
Capacitor, no capacitor, PN, ATM, RR motors.

I am trying to find the source of the problem.

I have found out that the boards are produced with no clean flux. These flux types leaves a residue that can capture moisture, wich again will make the flux residue sticky and it will capture dust particles.

When inspecting this board, I see a lot of dirt buildup around some of the IC's. Mainly the processor. This flux, coupled with dust and moisture will make for some creep currents around the board, wich I am suspecting is the source of the problem.

I am cleaning it with Kyzen washing fluid (Flux remover) today, and will test it later this week.

2012.03.05, 05:11 AM
Try checking the steering pot (VR) using an ohm meter (digital would be best).

The VR have three poles (leads). If you connect both end leads to the probe of the ohm meter you will be able to measure the resistance of the VR (around 5k ohm). But if you connect the center and one of the sides, you will be measuring the variation of resistance whenever you turn the VR to left or right.

When you connect one probe of the ohm meter to the center lead and the other probe to the other end, see if the reading suddenly fluctuates when you turn it from one side to another.

The sudden fluctuation of the reading indicates that there is something wrong with the VR. Do the same with the other end lead of the VR.

What you want to see is a smooth increase or decrease of resitance in the ohm meter when you turn the VR from one side to the other. Both end leads should behave that way.

I have an rc that glitches suddenly (after a very long use) and the VR was faulty. When I do this test on its VR, the ohm meter suddenly spike from a low ohm to suddenly double then back to the low ohm on a certain position of the VR when it is turned on one side.