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2012.03.05, 01:28 PM

I've seen some people already painting the lexan bodies.

How can I remove the paint from the Lazer lexan body? Will it then look all scratched?

I guee those lexan bodies are paint from the inside, but the decals are then placed on the outside?

As you see.. I need some help..

Many thanks!

2012.03.05, 01:42 PM
You might be able to crack the paint if you flex the body a bit.

The paint is coming off of my Lazer wing in gigantic flakes just from crashing on it many times.

2012.03.05, 01:54 PM
try soaking it in simple green. that should remove the paint. it may take a day or so to soften it up enough to wipe off. but its worth a shot

2012.03.05, 08:58 PM
There is something weird about the lexan. I noticed even with a new unpainted body. When painting it the paint cant easily be scratched off. It is Faskolor and I did pre sand the inside. None of the other bodies I have worked on were this easy to remove the paint.


Carrapateira, you paint from the inside. You put stickers on the outside.

2012.03.06, 05:19 AM
I'm using Tamiya paint on my 1:10 scale buggy (lexan body), I never had this kind of issues...
I was just astonished by the poor Kyosho quality :(
We are not used to that in the mini-z world - Autoscale are just marvels