View Full Version : So when's the next endro race?

2012.03.05, 03:10 PM
Any thoughts yet on the next endro? Date? Any changes to make from the first one?

2012.03.06, 05:46 PM
My thoughts, eliminate teams and keep the one car rule. Or open up teams to unlimited drivers per team and have a one car per team rule.

It would make the pits have more of an effect on the race and make it a bit more "lemans realistic". Especially if someone damages/breaks something and needs to spend time fixing it. That way everyone is forced to drive more cautiously instead of just having your teammate go on track with his car when you break something.

It would give the race real "lemans" style wildcards which would effect race positions. To me that's what an enduro race is all about.

Plus I think we can handle more cars on track, or learn to handle it.