View Full Version : Replacing broken battery terminals

2012.03.05, 10:21 PM
Any tricks for this before I go ahead and try it? We are trying to avoid a new chassis as this car has the limited edition red chassis. The battery terminal cracked off and we just want to replace the metal tabs.

2012.03.06, 01:47 AM
They aren't too bad to replace, most likely tougher if part of it is cracked off though. I've used small wire looped around to extract them before(the negative side anyway) Also worked them out with a small screwdriver.

2012.03.06, 02:10 PM
I use a dental tool (pick) to pry it out of the case. Then I use thin metal cut-out to the same shape as the original.

As for the source of that thin metal, I use automotive shim brass sold by a local automotive sparepart supplier. They sell retail that brass metal by the inch of lenght (normally 6inch width). The shim brass also come on various metal thickness.

Althernatively, some electronic supply stores (may be radioshack or similar) have generic battery terminals or battery holders where you can get the "donor" terminal that you need. Some cheap china toys that used AAA size battery can also be a donor. :)