View Full Version : new set up.. bad reception or range on EX-5UR

2012.03.06, 10:08 AM
hey everybody, i am new to the forums. been reading up for months before i decided to get the MR-03. I purchased everything needed plus a damper set, t-plate and a pn stock motor. in store they helped show me the ropes of how to install said parts and how to properly use functions on the new radio i bought, the ex-5ur (tiki tiki lmtd ed.), but i still am very confused.. on top of that once i got home, charged the batteries, put them in... i must have pressed a wrong button or screwed something up because the remote would not do anything to the car unless i was two or three inches away. no forwards no backwards, nothing. can anyone tell me how to fix this seemingly simple problem?

2012.03.06, 07:32 PM
greetings and welcome to the forums...
what batteries are you using in the radio? what's the voltage output reading on your radio? i would suggest changing them out too... or try rebinding... you could also try going back to the store for some help... good luck...

2012.03.07, 03:06 AM
I have had similar problems with 3 of 4 cars
When my MR-03's was new, it was like the power switch on the car was "disfunctional" and I needed to turn it on / off a couple of times before it worked.
But now after some weeks, they work every time.

I also had to re-bind two of the cars some time.

And also, check what the voltage reading on the transmitter is.

2012.03.09, 09:53 AM
yea, i was running normal Duracell AA's in the radio and when i turned it on the voltage was reading at 12.0, i took it to the shop and guy at store had it working instantly, i was in the voltage thanks for the help and the warm welcome you guys

2012.03.09, 09:58 AM
not no ask too many questions... but does anyone know what tires i should use if i want more grip on smooth linoleum or tile surfaces??? that's basically the only surfaces i can practice on till any save for the rcp