View Full Version : How to fix Steering Sliding

2012.03.07, 06:01 PM
The rear damper plate, I noticed does no come equiped with a heavy thick upper washer, about 3-4mm thick for the main damper plate to be positioned right above it. I think this is the culpret to fixing that nasty steering sliding on and off a course.

It has something to do with very small positioning of the that damper "plate" and the rear differential system.

A thick heavy washer or spacer will add non-movement and strength to the damper spring and shaft. Like the rebound or bound of the shock, this peice will increase that area so there is no more steering sliding.

The last idea I had is to have 1 damper plate and no 2. So replace 1 of the plates for a thick alloy 4mm washer?