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2012.03.08, 08:43 AM
we are looking to expand and add some different races or series to the current offerings of HFAY

If your group or club is insterested please post up what would best suit you club and what you'd like to run. things that we would be considering are classes running larger tracks, different turn motors for those that want to go faster etc.

We aren't limited by time as the new system takes care of most of the work. We could possibly be adding 1, 2 or even more depending on what people would like to see.

some ideas...

Box Stock Class
50T Motor Class on 3 Wide L tracks, (possible addition like wide turns as well).
Stand alone month BTE Races. (all 3 current HFAY classes).

Let me know what you guys think.


2012.03.08, 09:19 AM
IMOs... :rolleyes:

As you know, we are running the ISRL. I was pushing to run HFAY but when we found out about a 3WL series, we jumped right in. It's been 2 months in and looking at the numbers it's some really tight racing up top.

I guess above all, it's a 3WL series that fit in my basement and we get to run with crews we knew and raced with before. Also, Dusty was accommodating enough to change some tracks around so we could get all the tracks in.

I don't know if Dusty wants to connect his ISRL with HFAY but I think it would be an excellent mix.

I don't really agree with the weight limits only for the fact that it's just one more thing to tech, I do understand why they did it though.

Also, if his current series had some wide inside turns it would be perfection to us here in PA (I know me and Larry miss the passing opportunities in the big radius layouts) but I do understand that he was gunning for availability and some clubs may not have a Wide-Inside turn kit.

70turn for stock, forever! (or at least until a brushless equivalent evolves out of Kyosho) Mod class should be open motor, and I mean anything! The ISRL LMP class is cool but I think the wheelbase and body requirements could be opened up. I do like the fact that we had all LM cars out there though.

F1... I always thought it should be F1 tires, F1 body, correct wheelbase and track... all else is open for modification. But I've been very happy to run them in the current HFAY BTE format.

2012.03.08, 12:34 PM
here are some suggestions based on my understanding of the automation.

80T (box stock)
70T (current HFAY spec
50T (whatever you guys call the next bump up)
open (unlimited)
Losi 1/24 SCT/RC

3WL (current BTE series)
Limited Edition (Worlds size track layouts)

modify submission process to select the category and then class. this allows anyone to run any category and class combination of choice and still able to compare results with those in the same class or others (selectable).

this addresses the need to add classes, add larger tracks and allows the club to determine whenever they want, whatever combination they want. our club could then run 2WL on standard race days and 3WL/4WL on alternates. additionally, we could steer beginners to 80T till they are better able to handle 70T-50T and at the same time allow the top tier to run the class they want vs. having to crush everyone in a slower class.

Dusty Weasle
2012.03.08, 03:42 PM
It would be better if we collaborate our efforts rather than compete with spinoffs to bring more people into the sport. Let HFAY do what it does best- 2WL stock. ISRL is well designed for multi-class Le Mans on 3WL. The Atomic club is doing even bigger layouts with a different motor system, etc.

2012.03.08, 03:59 PM
no offense but ISRL may not suit everyone's needs nor may they like the rules, etc. just as is the case with HFAY. same goes with the atomic club whatever it is they are doing. it's not like HFAY has not been planning this expansion for many years either. unfortunately it's taken a long time to get to the point where it's now possible. i don't see HFAY expansion as encroaching on other systems but offering yet another opportunity that may suit other clubs better. i'd rather have more options myself rather than trying to push everyone through a smaller number of systems.

in my opinion, if HFAY sticks to 2WL, it's dead or dying. the growing trend right now is 3WL or larger. I'm personally pushing HFAY to change and adapt vs. sticking with a shrinking segment.

2012.03.08, 04:34 PM
I have put in 6 years into this, and there are really only 2 options. Expand and add the tracks and classes that people want to run, or simply close the doors and be done with it.

It's been a labor of the love of racing and having a place where clubs can come to to both compete and give some sort of structure and a defined race program but to be honest if were not growing than we need to make some changes to what more people want, We'll still have the 2WL races for those that choose to do it. I appreciate those people that choose to participate in the series and we also want to grow.

I love running on larger track as much as everyone else, but lets face it lots have clubs have different needs and capabilities, along with their own limiting factors. Space being one of those that limits some clubs as well.

With the new system we can easily accommodate all the different types of racing in one local place (HFAY) and if that's what everyone want and will participate in than we'll do it. If not than that is fine too.

2012.03.08, 05:03 PM
basically my thoughts as well brian.

Mike Keely
2012.03.08, 06:51 PM
Hi guys, here is what I think our club likes. They like the larger tracks with some long inside turns thrown in. They also did not like going in the counter clockwise direction. More of the BTE style of racing is what they like.

I am in no way saying that any one way is the way to get more people involved. I know that I miss looking to see how I did in the HFAY group and would like to start back up. We now have a spot in a mall that we could hold world size events. In Gary's garage we can not even get the full 3 wide L' tracks in though. I would love to see a 3 or 4 L track series get started. I will push it to make sure that we are entered using the mall location.

2012.03.08, 11:26 PM
70t worked well for our club. We were running 2 of the HFAY layouts split by skill level. Then halfway in, we'd connect the two tracks and have one large 4 wide-l. Then we did the PN Regional layout instead of the BTE in Dec, and kinda haven't looked back. The atomic series which is the 3 wide-l with some blank tiles for 3 tile straights and some wide inside turns is great. We just don't like the motor rules (top finishers have to run 80t motors the next race while others use 70t).

3 wide-l for us would still be on the little side. 4 wide-l is possible but we'd miss the 3 tile staightaways and inside turn kits.

We'd be in for a 3 wide-l series or 4 wide-l series. I'd want to see some wide inside turns and a 3 wide straigtaway.

As far as classes. Keep the 70t HFAY rules. Our club doesn't like making people wait while other classes run so I don't see us going with more than one class.

Mike Keely
2012.03.09, 05:53 PM
The mall has 4 L's, a expantion pack and a long inside turn pack. We are open for up to that.

2012.03.12, 11:48 AM
I was thinking something like calling the 2 wide L races the HFAY classic series, the 3 wide L set up regular HFAY and 4 wide L the big track series and have the same rules for all 3 series. Keep pretty much the same rules as they are now and add a box stock class. Or have classes based on motor turn. Example 80 turn class, 70 turn class, 50 turn class etc. or do like 80 turn or box stock as a beginner class, 70 turn class as super stock. Some thoughts I have.

2012.03.12, 05:05 PM
I personally like the 50T as a super stock on a 3 wide L or larger track. perfect speed in my opinion.

2012.03.13, 01:45 AM
As I only run the BTE Open class, I am racing my P28, I would like to see more Open racing... on 4wide-l's ...
I'm not sure how big a track we can get into our space as the RCP is the second track, we run on regupol track normally. (http://www.minizata.com/vara-banor/)

I think space for the RCP-track is something like 6*3m.

MiniZata will be running the BTE when that occurs.

2014.07.14, 06:55 AM
i really want to bring this topic back as a discussion point as i really would like to see a 3 wide L series begin. we really need to open up to those clubs that have been HFAY supporters but crave the larger layouts. Keep the 'classic' 2 wide L series and run a parallel 3 wide L series with it. :p

2014.07.16, 11:46 PM
Every club has it's own thing, it's just natural that everyone evolves their own likes and dislikes. Seems to me that if we go by what clubs have been and still are running HFAY, you'll find out quickly that they have enough track to pull off 4WL events and also have wide-inside turns available.

With that said, the main struggle for our group is just keeping racers active. Some kind of points series may help with that but just getting people to even get set up to compete with just one car is a major thing for us. One guy even suggested thay we start acting like snobs and start telling newbies that "this is a really tough and refined scale of RC racing and if they want to ger involved they are on their own". That was said because all of my crew are just so friggin helpful and attentive to our newbies that maybe it just makes it too easy for them! :o

Sorry... rambling again.

Anyways, a 3 or 4WL series with 4 Wide Inside turns would work for us just fine. I think the biggest thing is just picking the most available classes for all possible racers. 70 turn stock is just more viable in my book because it's the one deal that covers every chassis out there. If we do go building a brushless series, I'd suggest a spec motor for the class, that way we can run the AMZs as well. I'm still all for keeping AWD available for use as well if we were to go to a brushless series.

Just some thoughts... not sure when the trigger is gonna be pulled on a new series but we'll keep watch!

2014.07.17, 12:41 PM
adding a series is never really the problem. we can do that pretty easy. but would it really be worth doing if you were only competing against your own club? the fun of the series is racing against other clubs so if we can get 2 or 3 clubs that want to run a new series. it can sure be considered.

I know we are limited by space, not by track. Other clubs don't have that constraint, I wish we didn't.

2014.07.17, 02:11 PM
in our, the answer would be yes. $12 registration for joining a website that manages the points and results remains worthwhile, even if it were just our club alone.

i would think it would be better to have a new series with 1 club participating than none. someone's got to be the beta tester :p i wish we didn't have the space constraints either and hopefully that will change in the future but if both series were run, we would actually participate in both. slower class/stock on 2WL and 70T and or VE on 3WL or 4WL.

i would actually love to have a stock class return to HFAY so that i could use HFAY ranking as an advertising stream to draw participation.

2014.07.17, 07:16 PM
I favor a 3WL series.
I also favor a brushless class.
I also favor box stock because it provides an easier start in this hobby.

2014.09.12, 08:50 AM
Maybe we can run an Enduro event. Each club to make a team of 3-5 members and run 1 car only for 3 hrs and submit time after. Maybe a screen shot of the time can be sent just to prove only one car was used for the 3 hrs.

2014.09.12, 12:26 PM
I favor a 3WL series.
I also favor a brushless class.
I also favor box stock because it provides an easier start in this hobby.

perhaps these can be run simultaneously, beneficial for small clubs that don't have time for multiple classes. qualifying will sort out by skill anyway.

i like the idea of endurance event as well. i wouldn't place any requirements on teams. screen shot will just prove a single transponder was used. the honor method is the only real means to a single car was used with the club judge essentially certifying the results. it's all honor system based and only real way it can be done globally, online, with strangers...

2014.09.12, 12:51 PM
70 turn, 7 tooth pinion, Stock Diff, 42 pitch... The best way I have yet found to get close racing with a group of multi-skilled drivers. Kinda kills off the Xmods, AWDs though. Unless we go to the point of establishing a gear ratio window for all cars to fall into with the recommendations listed on the site for each individual type of chassis. (too complicated?)

3WL is a way to go but once again... will that take away the ability to compete for clubs with limited real estate for tracks? Do we just bite the bullet?

I'll keep watch, we have the room, the track, the gear... not sure if I'll get the commitment out of my crew though. We're all over the place lately cause of low participation levels but we're still slowly growing.

2014.09.12, 12:56 PM
i was imagining running any new class/series concurrent with the existing. you may siphon off some from the existing but you will likely gain more new with the new classes/series making it worthwhile. the number of 2WL clubs is shrinking :( participation by 2WL clubs is shrinking :(

it's all numbers to the program. the upfront work of getting the backend up for admins to upload multiple classes/series is the bulk of the work i imagine.

2014.09.17, 06:33 PM
We've just had to shift to a non permanent venue. Upside is we have more space available. We usually get better attendance at our large track days versus standard HFAY meets but not sure how much of that is the track versus the commitment of having to turn up for a series vs a one off. That being said I could see a benefit in smaller tracks in reduced setup time... maybe something to think of before going the 4WL route.

2014.11.23, 06:32 PM
I'd like to see some time trial tracks for the small tiles as that is what i have at home and i'm sure others do too, would allow us homebodys to compare times!:D