View Full Version : more than 24 transponders possible?

2012.03.09, 11:01 AM

Alot of the racers at my shop have personal transponders; some have up to 4 each.

This presents an issue in that although I have a full set of 24 transponders, I cannot handout transponders to other racers where they duplicate the personal transponders of those other races since lap times will not record correctly (in practice mode in ZRound).

I am running out of free transponders now (which is a good thing) as more racers are coming to the shop. There are only a couple of options I see going forward:

1) get more transponders (i.e. ones that are above 24 channels currently offered). I spoke to a tech friend and he said 24 is probably the limit due to the transponder sending 3 x 8 bits of info through the interface to the PC (which ZRound would interpret), but I'm not a technie and he hasn't actually looked at the hardware. It was just his opinion- please comment.

2) go to controlled practices- which is really not an option since that would limit racer's times (not good business practice).

Suggestions/feedback/comments are welcome.



2012.03.09, 12:12 PM
I am the person who has 4 different transponders. :D I have one transponder for each of my car. no 2 for 94mm, no 3 for F1, No 12, for 98mm and No 13 for 102mm. Most of the time I just run one car on a given day. There are days I will try out all four car on the track and usually at the beginning of the day. Usually I will decide what car I will run for the rest of the day. I understand the difficult situation Shawn is running into. I have a suggestion for Shawn. Leave these transponders (2, 3, 12, 13) last to hand out and if situation arise that these transponders needed to be hand out, just let me know and I will not use those on that day. ;)

2012.03.09, 12:55 PM
or, go back to the days of a channel board :eek: anyone remember having to take a cloths pin with a number on it to check out a channel?