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2012.03.11, 12:33 PM
OK, i got this plan of "killing" my race friend.
He is always telling me how ugly the Toyota Vitz is and I do agree, but if I can beat his Porsche or other race cars with a Toyota Vitz, it's the best victory.

But.....I'm not so fond of the Vitz myself....

So I started with a body I got from Rune. So far I have modified it a bit. Still MUCH to do before it's ready.

It's a MR-03 narrow, with Atomic 90mm motor mount and DPS.
RR CTP70T motor, ball bearings, extra long king pins.
+1 offset front narrow wheels and +3 offset rear wide wheels.











Stil a lot to do, but it's a start....

2012.03.11, 02:21 PM
Cool, I like that! Maybe we can get Fovea to design one like that ready made for everybody else!

I've always liked the look of those small cars with aero kits on them! That look's pretty good so far, keep it up!

2012.03.11, 04:10 PM

This vitz is becomming pretty wide! :D
I'm curious to see the next step...

Don't you tried it in it's normal shape with 0 front and -1 wide on rear? This might be possible no?

About your pod, beware of the bearing holders, mine have a huge sideplay. But even with this, I find this pod far more efficient and easier than the PN one.

2012.03.11, 06:24 PM
About your pod, beware of the bearing holders, mine have a huge sideplay. But even with this, I find this pod far more efficient and easier than the PN one.
I have a black one, and a blue one. The black has no play at all, the blue has a lot. I just glued them in with glue that comes off the metal easily so they can be removed if I want to change for different ones. The plastic inserts cannot be salvaged if this is done, but how often do you change the diff height?

Be sure to have both clips in the same position if you do glue them in. I pushed them up and back when glueing them in.

Getting back on topic. I really like the way the vitz looks in how it drives on the track, although it is not a good looking body. Perhaps after you are finished, we will all want one :) I would really like to see the finished result, and also get an idea whether your mods made the car faster...

2012.03.11, 06:28 PM
Perhaps after you are finished, we will all want one :) I would really like to see the finished result, and also get an idea whether your mods made the car faster...

That will be the day...


I seriously don't think it will make it any faster due to all the materials.
But it might get less rolls. due to the weight lower on the car and the body.
And due to more offset.

But will see if it makes any difference.

I just want to have som fun with a "****ty" Vitz.


2012.03.11, 06:35 PM
Perhaps you can use a more aggressive setup (tire wise) without rolling the car, making it faster? Also the car will have a little more aero footprint, which will definitely increase the front downforce of the car.

I just started using a Lancia Stratos in our box stock class for that same reason (although I actually really like how the Stratos looks). It is a lot of fun to drive, but it is an expert car. As any brush on the boards causes it to flip. I totally want to do a front splitter after seeing your work...

2012.04.12, 05:23 AM
Finaly I got around to melt some styrene and start the bodywork again.
I did not get any good mixture at first, so I made a lot of work for myself.

Need some more styrene before I can start sanding it down.

Seems to melt in with the original body really well. I think this is a good way to make the body withstand the beating. But it also makes the body heavy.

Going to add some more styrene before I post some pictures of it.
But I have a pictures of a DB9 that I'm also doing.
And here you can see that the mixture was not all good.


2012.04.12, 07:55 PM
Awesome thread! Can't wait to see more pics of the Vitz. Keep up the good work!

2012.04.12, 10:09 PM
nicely coming along... would love to see it finished, and if possible a video... :D

2012.04.13, 03:39 AM
Thanks guys.
Work is getting there slowly...

2012.04.21, 05:29 AM
oh sorry forgot about this one.

I have worked on a DB9 since I need for my "racing"
But it gets quite nice this method.


After some sanding:

I have tested it some racedays now and it really holds up.
Much better than Tamiya Putty, witch get stiff and cracks.
But I had not made the styrene thin enough and I did not lay thin enough layers, so there is much sanding. But the results is great and can withstand a lot of abuse.

Just remember to sand down the inner fenders when you modify a body, so that the wheel don't rubb.
Make it really smooth and clean on the inside.

2012.04.23, 10:53 AM
Done a bit more on the Vitz.





Haven't even started on sanding this one down.
A lot of work ahead....

2012.04.23, 02:31 PM
Man....lookin good already!

2012.04.24, 03:20 PM
"just" sanding left now I hope....



2012.04.24, 08:26 PM
what do you use to custom the bodies like this? is the material strong enough to withstand a few hits??

2012.04.25, 03:09 AM
I use Aceton and Evergreen Styren sheets.

Evergreen Styrene sheets in 1, 1.5 and 2mm is what I use most.
if it gets to thin it breaks easy. If you use to thick it gets heavy.

Then I use a small glass jar.
Cut up styrene in small pieces, just to speed up the process.
Put the small pieces in the jar and pour some aceton in there.
The aceton will desolve the styrene.


You will have to test what amount you like to work with. That is test and try....

The aceton will hold the styrene soft, but it will evaporate and the styrene will get hard.
It's better to make many thin layers instead of one thick. But I'm not that used to it yet. So I don't get the right fluidness right yet.

If you have much aceton in, it will shrink the original body plastics as well.
If you have little acteon in it, it will not shrink the original body, just blend in, but then you get a lot of sanding ahead....

I have tried it on my DB9 and it get really though. It can withstand some beating.
But on my Vitz, I haven't tried driving it yet. I'm not sure how much the styrene sheets will withstand beating. But the melted styrene will manage the beating.

Since I just had a painted body, it will not bond as good as if you had just a white body without paint.

But the Vitz is a test if I could do it.

Just test it. It's great fun to make stuff yourself.
And you get something that nobody else have.

btw, I'm hoping to test the body 5-6 of may. Then it's weekend driving. I hope to test this and the DB9 to see how much damage I can do to them before painting them. If I have to adjust something, it's better before I aply paint.

2012.04.25, 04:21 AM
Awesome! Thank you. I'll look into it because I'm looking at putting a front spoiler on my F430 for some front downforce & better air flow underneath the car. I dodgied up one just for now with a cut up credit card & super glue haha but it only handles 1 hit & falls off.

2012.04.25, 05:04 AM
as long as the body is painted I think you need some sort of glue that are thick. If your doing it that way.

But with the diffuser on the front of my Vitz and DB9. I have glued it with Tamiya Cement and then used melted styrene to make it bond even better and filling the gaps.

Withstands a lot more beating that way.
It's of course best if the body is unpainted and you sand things down a bit, so that both the glue and melted styrene get a better grip.

2012.04.25, 05:10 AM
Excellent. Thank you once again. I'll be looking into this. It sounds like a lot of fun.

2012.04.25, 05:28 AM
LHS that has model railroad often has styrene for building stuff.
I don't know any down under that has styrene, but it should be someone down there too....

Aceton should anyone dealing with paint have.

Now you only need a scissor, styrene, aceton and a jar to have it all in.
mix it all together and you are good to go....

I use 400, 600, 800 grit paper for sanding. Since I can't get any higher.

2012.04.25, 05:44 AM
Cool. I've looked on eBay & I can get everything, but I'll look at shop local hobby shops first.

2012.07.13, 06:48 AM
Got some pm's on this one.
But I had to let it go.

1) I had to many projects
2) So issues with styerene

First of all.
Since I had 5 MR-03's and I wanted all of them to be race ready, it got to expensive for me. So I sold 2 of them.
Then I had to consentrate on what to drive.
I love LM and Stock so I rebuildt two cars for that.
And then I was convinced to do a GTMod.

I used to little aceton in my mixture, so that my styrene did not melt into the plastic as I would like to.
Then I used a painted body, witch did not help at all.
The front is very short and you get very little playtime with the wheel if your going more than +1 offset.