View Full Version : Championship - Thank you for adopting our products!

2012.03.12, 09:54 PM
Congratulations to the 1st prize Winner who has just won the latest RC race (B class) held in Hong Kong. It was the first time for him to participate in the Mini-Z MR03 RC race. It is our pleasure that he chose to adopt full set of the X-power options in the race. Letís click the following link to share more amazing racing experience from this Winner.

2012.03.16, 10:17 AM
issues with our spam filtering and web links... can you please post links as direct links to articles via the url vbcode vs. posting full url? also direct link to article vs. link to a homepage. :)

2012.03.18, 10:29 PM
Since the link is from a forum written in Chinese mostly, we have to post it in such way. But We have amended the link with a better method. We hope it works fine here.
By the way, Here is some of the quote from the winner in English from the discussion there.
"I thank for X-Power to help me to build my MR03 and all their beautiful, firm, inexpensive and competitive parts......."