View Full Version : 96mm setups are they worth it.

2012.03.13, 10:00 AM
I was wondering is a 96mm setup worth it. I love the sharp handling of a 94mm and the stability of a 98mm. Is it worth it to try a 96mm setup.

I understand I only need to get a Reflex 96mm T-plate to use with a PN 94/98 mount. I like the new Reflex mount. The problem is that I have too many cars.

Guys that run 96mm, what do you think?

2012.03.13, 01:19 PM
I love the 96mm setup. It is the perfect combination between 94 & 98. If you like the feel of 94mm you will love 96mm.

It works on both small and large tracks, and on every grip level. However. On real high grip situations I tend to go for a longer wheelbase. 97 - 98mm.

2012.03.13, 02:02 PM
96mm+F430= the best handling wheelbase chassis I've ever driven.

2012.03.13, 02:26 PM
I run 96mm almost exclusively, every where I go.

2012.03.13, 03:27 PM
I can let you try my 96mm Atomic Motor mount next time I see you. However, I think ActionRC favors 98mm wheelbase.

Atomic AR-264

2012.03.13, 04:16 PM
I ran 94mm (360GTC) at the Action Winter Nats, it doesnt work too well with power. 96mm would definitely be better, but that track really feels like a 98mm track as posted above. My Pan car was 96mm, and felt better than the 94mm car I ran in Mod. The class that I run the 94mm car in does not allow modified bodies, otherwise I would have switched it to 96mm and shaved out the rear wheel wells.

In general, you gain a little more high speed stability, and on throttle steering, but lose a little turning radius and rear mechanical grip in the process. The change in rear grip is very small, and somewhat negated by the stability that the additional length of the wheelbase gives you.

I find it much more effective to run 96mm on a 94mm body than a 98mm body, although I have had good results with both.