View Full Version : Winter Points Series Dates

2012.03.17, 08:59 AM
I erased these dates because they aren't valid anymore!

There will be a gtg thread for each event this summer. We will probably gtg just one time a month!

2012.03.20, 07:39 AM
Are these dates good for everyone?

The other thing that we are thinking of doing is just having the gtg the last Satruday of each month and starting it at 8pm. Please let me know what you think of either situation.



2012.03.23, 01:46 PM
The last date wont work for me... (may 26)

I'm out memorial and labor day weekends, june 30, and July 21 and Aug 18th.

Summer is planned. :D

2012.03.31, 12:43 PM
Update: Point Series is canceled - we've already flubbed too many of the dates due to poor turnout etc. Need a new plan.

2012.04.02, 08:40 AM
What if instead of a 'Winter Pts Series' we did another pt series that was more of like 2008 spring/summer, but maybe we could do something where:

We do 1 race a month and pick a date where everyone can make it/everyone will try and make it since it's just one a month.
Maybe change it so that you can drop more, so if we dont have enough folks we can still race a couple of us and not penalize people if they cant make it.
Everyone can get buggies and we can run an outdoor series

Just trying to think of ideas. I do enjoy our race and GTGs.

2012.04.02, 08:23 PM
I would just like to make a return to the Dojo and drive the Cheeto. Hopefully the 14th will not be cancelled. :)

2012.04.05, 11:00 AM
I can make that...

With the cancellation of the points series, I dont know when we're racing next. If those dates are still open and the series is canceled or what.

DJG and I were just talking about trying to do one on the 28th for sure. The 14th works for me too.

2012.04.05, 04:00 PM
In April, the best date for me thus far is really the 21st. This weekend and the 14th are question marks, and the 28th I wont be in the state so definitely a no.

2012.04.27, 10:08 AM
Is there a GTG or race this Saturday? I'm down.

2012.04.28, 11:45 AM
Dojo tonight or not?

2012.04.28, 03:10 PM
Sorry for not clarifying sooner - the list of dates at the top of this thread are no longer valid; we're scrapping that series in favor of something new, likely once a month based on reduced turnout with the warmer weather etc. Not set in stone or anything but I'm thinking maybe a Second Saturday Summer Series or something until the fall? :). PS, just FYI there will typical be an "official" thread for every event at least a few days prior vs. info being buried in a longer discussion thread like this. ;)