View Full Version : Checkout the max speed for different Mini-Z models!

2012.03.17, 12:20 PM

2012.03.19, 05:18 AM
This is unfair !
The buggy has Atomic rims, much smaller than original Kyosho...
And the setups are not described (pinion ? motor ? )

2012.03.20, 12:42 PM
AWD : Stock
Overland : Stock
MR-03: PN Racing 43t Modified
Monster: Atomic Chili
Buggy: Atomic Stock R

2012.03.20, 12:48 PM
The cars top speed has as much to do with gearing as it does the motors RPM.
The best way to test motors is either with a Dynometer or an Tachometer.
We have both:

The Tachometer was $15 from ebay. This will only give you the RPM of the motor, you can even do it on the wheels and get the rpm at the wheel rather than just the motor.

This thread http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=35860
details the build of our Dynometer, it can give you RPM & Torque curve.
This is a graph showing the RPM from a few motors, the RPM wasn't calibrated when we did this so the figures are out, but as they are all out to the same value the graph is still an accurate representation of the RPM curve i think we needed to multiply the end result by 3.18 or something to get an accurate Figure for the RPM. The later version of the spreadsheet on excel sorted this out for us.


2012.03.20, 03:24 PM
its a fun little test...overall the accuracy may not be close.

but one problem that will throw everything off is the fact that all cars are taking different lines. None of them are going straight which is going to effect the distance traveled.