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jon coffi
2012.03.18, 04:03 PM
hello all. new product for miniz.
made in Italy. what do you think?

2012.03.18, 05:17 PM
lexan mosler ???

2012.03.18, 06:48 PM
Looks good.

jon coffi
2012.03.19, 02:32 AM
resembles both the Mosler both the Saleen. really nice. the harmonious line!

jon coffi
2012.03.26, 04:05 AM
Prices on-line... :)

2012.03.26, 08:51 AM
When will they be available

jon coffi
2012.03.26, 09:16 AM
When will they be available

next week. now you can pre-order

jon coffi
2012.03.26, 09:32 AM

2012.06.09, 11:13 PM
Need to work on the paint jobs, but there is potential....

2012.06.10, 03:05 AM
ok, it's light

But I miss that it looks scale.
This is "just" a racing body. With the other body's out there, it actually looks like a car you might or do see racing.

Just my opinion.

2012.06.10, 08:26 AM
ehh. it looks like all the other larger scale non-descript bodies that could be just about anything. what attracted me to mini-z and still does is the scale appearance of real cars being raced.

not saying this is a bad product at all. i'm sure it's very nice for its intended use and i always wish privateers luck in product development. you really don't see lexan or aftermarket chassis racing very often (in the u.s.) but the pan car style has been on the upswing. it's not for me but the product looks clean. it looks to be nice thick lexan as well. i've tried others and they cracked in collisions. i don't see any bubbles or junk in the lexan either. i'd like to see the mounting system.

2012.06.11, 11:32 AM
I pretty much agree with you there arch, plus everywhere I've race won't allow Lexan bodies unless there is a class you can race them in. But I do like the body.

jon coffi
2012.06.12, 01:28 PM
hello .la lexan body is perfectly scaled for miniz. the lexan not used in most of the trophies as all regulations for miniz were written by manufacturers, and organizations. but on a larger scale where the most important aspect is the performance, it runs with the lexan. as you can get to generate more power! mounting kit you can see on the website. This kit is universal, so you can easily mount on other bodies for miniz (modifying them with holes), this system can not EVER get out the body while using the machine and allows you to change the model of the body without having to modify the frame. here's an example ....

jon coffi
2012.07.12, 02:47 AM


jon coffi
2012.09.11, 02:47 AM
There are so many things need to be improved to reach the optimum potential of this product, especially about the design

hello. Thank you for your comment. What improvements have to be done? I listen to all advice to improve my products. Have you ever tried or seen the body?