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2012.03.18, 09:47 PM

Due to the fact that i own quite a few large oval sets i wound up with a number of humped straight pieces.

If you don't know which piece i'm refering to its the main straight piece that has a three hole rail that is humped.


This modification will give you an opportunity to make this piece into a normal railed straight.

1.First and foremost you need to hit up a hardware store and find a 1 1/8th inch holesaw bit. It is a drillbit attachment meant for coring holes in wood, etc for things like locksets, wiring and such. You can buy just the outer coring holesaw bit. It is the perfect size to match the diameter of the hole you are attempting to fill.:)

2. Next you can secure it to a homemade shaft using a 5/16th width bolt long enough to give your drill a shaft to attach to. Secure the bolt to the coring bit by using a couple washers and a nut...get close to center as possible and tighten.

3. From the factory, the coring bit has a jagged cutting surface so it can cut through dense material. Since RCP foam is not dense I thought the best move was to file the points down and then file down the outer surface on an angle, giving it a knife like cutting surface. the easiest way to get the smooth cutting edge is to hold the file against the coring bit, file down the points and then file the outer edge on an angle.


4. At this point, you are ready to sacrfice one piece to the cause. (I have quite a few blank pieces so I'm ok with it)

5. Use something as a backing plate (plastic cutting board) so you don't mar the surface of whatever you cut upon and keep the coring bit from getting dull.

The cut piece:

6. I haven't investigated a way of securing the foam cutout but since I only use the texture side I'll probably just tape it. I imagine if you're careful some contact cement or glue will be great as well.


You can either flip the rail around to use just 2 holes or you can buy a whole bunch of extras like I did.

Hope this helps people.;)

I soon will have 24 new straight pieces without the humped section.:p

2012.03.18, 11:07 PM
good idea. but instead of destroying a tile why not just cut the hole under the rail between the other 2 holes. keeps you from wasting a whole tile.

2012.03.18, 11:58 PM
cool idea chad...that'll work for everyone who hasn't already punched 24 holes out.:rolleyes:

Where were you when i started this a couple hours ago...lol