View Full Version : Dunkin Moto Run in!!

2012.03.21, 02:50 PM
Well I am about to attempt My First Underwater Motor Run in, I watched a friend do it to My first car and 2 days later I spent over 200 bucks customizing Her.. Lol. Guess I have the Fever! Sooooo I got a a new Motor, A nice 70 turn, so I am now doing the Water Run in on this one to get Her to run at Peak Performance, Afterall I want to win My races!

I also am going to fill everyone in on a Lil Secret! If you are into Guns as I am I have found the BEST Oil EVER for the motor. Its called Rem Oilm it has Teflon And Enzime Lubricants and I kid you not I have seen a drastic diference in RPMs, I have a Meter I use for My RC Plane Props to check on Engine turnouts and trust Me when I say there is a BIG Difference. GO to your local sporting goods store like ****s or Sports authority and pick some up, you will love it.

Anyways, here I go, WIll Post progress report. Wish Me luck! LOL.