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2012.03.24, 10:38 AM
Recently I have been doing a lot of work to Flip Side Racing software so that it can accept translations to other languages. Another forum member, Racer-HH, has put a lot of effort into providing a German translation and working through the bugs with me.

At this point we are close enough to done that I would like to start integrating translations to other languages as well. While I am especially interested in getting French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese translations as that would cover most people that are downloading the software I would gladly accept any language translation because it will help some club somewhere in the use of the software.

These translations change all the text in the GUI along with the speech. I will provide you with instructions and a file to update and send back to me. If you are interested in helping the project you can contact me via email by emailing my user id here, pinwc4, at flipsidehobbies.com.

Here is a screenshot from the program showing the progress on the German translation:

2012.04.16, 09:48 AM
With a tremendous amount of work from Racer-HH the German translation of the software is mostly complete.

If anyone wants to test it you can download it from here:
Windows Zip Version 12.06 (http://www.flipsideracing.org/downloads/fsraceWin-1150.zip)

OSX Zip Version 12.06 (http://www.flipsideracing.org/downloads/fsraceOSX-1150.zip)

The software will detect the language your computer is set to and change accordingly.

I greatly appreciate all the work Racer-HH did translating the text, testing the builds, and working with people on the German forums to answer questions.

If anyone can provide translated text to other languages I would like to work with you. Just email or msg me which language so I can send you a file to be translated.