View Full Version : setting up reverse

2012.03.25, 12:00 AM
any one have any tips on setting up a faster reverse response for my mr-03? right now it takes like 3 full seconds for reverse to kick in...


2012.03.25, 01:21 AM
The ASF Mr02 has a slow reverse by program but the MR03 should be good so I believe it may be your TX throttle settings.

how are fwd/rev balance on your TX buttons? I don't know if you know it already but there are buttons on your TX to set throttle optimimum and if you don't find the balance between not enough reverse and too much forward it can be slow to switch throttle direction.

2012.03.25, 09:02 AM
I agree. You probably have you center way off and having trouble hitting it to get into reverse. you could also try to put the throttle dead band wider.

Digitalis West
2012.03.25, 11:47 PM
If reverse is unreliable, it is most likely the throttle trim or dead band.

If you can get reverse reliably but it takes a really long time it is likely that the reverse time setting in the car is wrong. I see this happen a lot if you try to program a MR-03 using the programming tool/software for an MR-02. The solution is to reprogram the car with an MR-03 programmer.