View Full Version : F1 + R246 Mount + T-Plate

2012.03.26, 04:19 AM

Just after some pics/advice on how to install my MantisWorxs T-Plate.

So I use the carbon side plates + Remove battery cover
I add my T-plate with the standard spacer between the mount and T-Plate

I believe I need to further shim this.

Question I have is, do I need to remove the metal clip the standard battery cover attaches to?

Some pics would be great.

2012.03.26, 06:01 AM
Did you read THIS (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=34162) thread?

2012.03.26, 07:23 AM

Yes, I am looking for specific info for R246 mount and to clarify installation instructions.

2012.03.26, 08:03 AM
Try the Kyosho website?

2012.03.26, 08:21 AM
remove the metal clip. and the t plate was made for the pn mount but will fit the r246 pod. you will have to use the plastic shims that came with the side plates on the pod as well

2012.03.26, 09:01 AM
Thankyou will try this out tonight.

2012.03.27, 02:50 AM
Got it all fitted, looks like I need to mod the body a bit as the R246 mount hits the body thus reducing the amount of flex the T-plate offers. Something to do tonight :)

Thanks for the help guys