View Full Version : Calling Mauka Runner!

The Thunderer
2002.08.04, 07:14 PM
Mauka... the MRS bodies came in. I called your pager and haven't heard from you yet. I'll be at the Honolulu Airport tomorrow (Monday). I'll be there around lunch time. Let me know if you still want to trade!

2002.08.05, 01:16 PM
if so, then let me know. maybe a short notice hobby co. race meet tonight can be arranged. b

The Thunderer
2002.08.05, 09:39 PM
Hey, Mauka!

It was good to meet you... I was going to tell ya.. You should get into Micros. You'll love them too!

The car is great... its already on a working chassis!


2002.08.06, 01:31 PM
Too bad we couldn't do lunch or something and talk more.

The Black body although used is in excellent shape IMHO it looks even better than the silver one. It's on my Altezza chassis right now. Looks awesome with the blue wheels. Only thing though is it doesn't like my aluminum motor mount.

No biggie though. I like it!

Yeah I want to get into micros but no mo kala right now. I just bought a new car and until I sell my truck I gotta pay car payments.