View Full Version : *** CANCELED *** Race Event - Saturday 3/31/12 7pm - Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti, MI - Mini-Z

2012.03.29, 07:47 PM
If everyone could advise if they plan on attending and their ETA, I'd appreciate it. If no one is going to show up until 8:30, that's fine, we'll just push the start time back. :) If turnout is under half a dozen, that's fine too, we'll just do a smaller track and GTG-type event vs. setting up the full track for a points race etc. :) Just hoping to figure out as much of this in advance as possible in order to make the best use of everyone's time. :)

2012.03.29, 08:04 PM
I haven't been to a race in forever and I'm super excited so I'm gonna be there right at 7 unless no 1 else wants to.

2012.03.29, 09:00 PM
I'll try to be there at 7:30.


2012.03.30, 05:10 AM
Awesome - thanks guys! :)

2012.03.30, 11:12 AM
I might come for a bit this week just to hang out and maybe put the car on the track for a few laps, but I probably wont be racing again until sometime in June. I looked at the schedule and I can't make either April date (maybe the 14th to hang out for a little bit but I dunno when I'll get home from what I'm doing, 28th I'll be out of the state) and I'm going to be moving to Farmington Hills close to the May date so I'm sure I'm going to be busy with crap. I'm also going to try to save up the cash to get myself a good remote that will be compatible with 2.4GHz when I convert as I want to try to do that before the end of the year.

2012.03.30, 11:42 AM
What - moving to FH!? :confused: Please go ahead and post feedback to the other thread - those dates aren't set in stone, we just had to post something so that people could give feedback etc. In fact, if you could do what YoYo-Pete did and just post availability/unavailability for the upcoming period, that w/be awesome! :) See you tonight! :)

2012.03.30, 11:46 AM
PS, bring F1! :)

2012.03.31, 12:09 PM
Okabe and Bryan are out, and I've not heard from anyone else, so with only two confirmed and one stopping by, I'm going to go ahead and cancel tonight's event. Will send a txt too just to make sure everyone is aware.