View Full Version : Why No TDS system from ATOMIC Yet?

2012.04.02, 01:35 PM
Hi guys, I just saw ATM has put out a brand-new revision in their line of 98mm+ WB Motor Pod w/ULTRA-LOW CG… PART# AR-285 LCG Horizontal Adjust Motor Pod- Blue (For MR-02 /03. 98~106mm.

This pod looks very nicely done: Clean, light-weight (looks really well done on weight-reduction), and the refined Atomic horizontal motor adjustment system. But… Where’s the ATOMIC version of the Tri Damper System? ATOMIC continues to only offer thei superb but a little out-dated these days DPS plates and suspensions. I mean, I loved how ATOMIC was the first to pioneer the Tri-Spring Suspension in the rear for the MR015/MR02 over 6-7 years ago for the RM 94 WB chassis…

Is there any release possible for an ATOMIC TDS in the future? I always think competition in the market creates more data for refinement of these suspensions so an ATOMIC TDS to compare to the already excellent PN Racing & Reflex TDS rear suspension setups would benefit everyone. ANd it’ll be interesting to see ATOMIC’s take on a Mid-Mount Motor Tri-Spring/Damper system.

2012.04.02, 01:55 PM
1) Actual Demand for TDS is questionable.

2) Take NY/NJ, USA for example, there are some ultra competitive tracks(RCP & Carpet) and drivers. However, upon looking at the top finishers' cars; TDS is often no where to be found. Instead, some ultra fast drivers here use only one lower disc with one DPS spring. The simpler the better.

3) TDS may appeal to some hardcore racers but often discourage a large number of hobbyists/racers.

4) Companies who specialize in TDS may be better off if we don't get involved.

2012.04.02, 03:29 PM
I can appreciate what you are saying Sai/Atomic. I understand all your points. >And thank you for the very detailed reply to my question!:)

2012.04.03, 06:40 AM
I wish to thank you both - Felix2010 for asking the question and Sai/Atomic-USA for the detailed answer.
But there is one more thing.. why not just make the motor mounts compatible with the existing TDS systems on the market. It is maybe a matter of one different part in the motor mount set - the top brace to which the DPS post is mounted.. :rolleyes: