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2012.04.03, 10:10 AM
Everyone knows us as a race track and hobby shop who have offered some cool, unique promotional items (mainly stickers & T-shirts).

Recently, we partnered with ZRound to create the BlackBerry® Playbook™ version of their Android app (ZRound Companion) and offered it free to the Mini-Z community.

I'm proud & excited to announce that we've decided to further support the Mini-Z community (racers and dealers alike) with our own brand of products.

We've just taken delivery of our first product: Bearing kits for MR02/15/03/F1 (http://minicarclubofcanada.com/Shopping.aspx?ShowType=item&ItemID=235535688).

Hex head Titanium screws will follow shortly.

We aim to provide great value products both directly to racers and through dealers alike. (Dealer inquiries are welcome- drop me an email (contact@minicarclubofcanada.com))

Our focus will move to other innovative products where there are market gaps.

Currently, we are only looking at a handful of product offerings. However, there will be a great diversity in those products; ranging from electronic items, mechanical items, tools, consumables, reference materials and software.

There are some truly cool and exciting things planned and in the works. I'll make sure to keep you posted when things are further along and finalized.

Your Mini-Z Partner,


2012.04.03, 12:07 PM
congratulations! :cool: