View Full Version : Driving on asphault and tennis courts?

2012.04.04, 05:14 AM
Does anyone know what type of tires would be best for these surfaces? The tennis court is a concrete and the asphault is fresh. I have tried driving on them with the stock tires and I get no grip. Any suggestions? :(

2012.04.04, 09:54 AM
Pit shimizu used to make some tires that could probably work on asphalt, but I'm don't know if you can still get them. otherwise, try and find some foam tires, and go for the hard/medium compounds.

2012.04.04, 10:44 AM
I had tried foams a LONG time ago. They worked really good, but I dont know of any place to get any medium or hard compound foams now.

2012.04.04, 04:35 PM

That'll get you foams for tennis court running.

2012.04.04, 06:47 PM
I will definately be checking these out. Thank you! :)

2012.07.03, 04:12 PM
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