View Full Version : Mini-zracer.com Mini-Z Dojo GTG!!! Saturday 4/14/2011 7PM!!!!

2012.04.06, 07:25 AM
New Location: 215 W. Michigan Avenue, Ypsilanti, MI 48197 (http://maps.google.com/maps?q=215+W.+Michigan+Avenue,+Ypsilanti,+MI+48197&hl=en&gl=us&t=h&z=16&vpsrc=0)

New Series: see Mini-ZRacer.com Mini-Z Dojo Fall Points Series 2011 (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=37030) thread for details!

New Layout: We will run a new layout

New Schedule/Format: see BT's edict (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=422285&postcount=17)!

See you there! ;):cool:

2012.04.13, 07:41 AM
All, please indicate your intention to attend (or not) and approximate ETA - if a quorum have not posted to confirm attendance by noon tomorrow, I will go ahead and cancel the event - I'm hoping this won't be the case, as a fair number of dojo members have expressed with enthusiasm their desire to race tomorrow, but if I end up sitting there by myself until 8:30 again, I will set the RCP on fire! :D:eek::p:D

2012.04.13, 08:29 AM
Ill be there right at 7. Since I missed that one, and the last one didnt happen, I feel like I haven't driven in donkey's years.

If anyone wants to eat, let us know because I want to get food and the track setup soon as we can so we can run the GT and Subarus and whatever and just have time to drive and tune and practice.

I know that D is out of town and wont be able to make it. So I hope hope hope other people will come out so we can have the event.

2012.04.13, 08:51 AM
I will be there right at 7pm. I would really like some chicken or some other form of food to eat and put in my belly. Will bring the Subaru, GT and F1 cars!

2012.04.13, 09:36 AM
Do we want to do chicken? I havent had it in forever but I'm down to do something different. We could order takeout from sidetrack or anything really. I can go grab it.

Just want to make it happen fast. Maybe we can pick (I'm down with KKK) and it can go out in the dojo alert. - 'put in your food order on the forums if you want to eat' or something with less characters like 'put in yr food order on forums if U wnt 2 eat'

2012.04.13, 10:17 AM
Done, let's just do chicken this time as the easiest solution, and everyone post your order in the thread here (YY-P, what should cut-off time be?) and if you want to pick it up on the way or a little after we get there etc. so you can collect cash, that w/b awesome. My order, in orange for easy visibility in the thread:

4 piece Cajun Tenders w/ Biscuit - 4.69
+3 Honey Butter Biscuits - 1.39
+Hot, Ranch Sauces please! :)


Ref. http://www.koreyskrispykrunchy.com/ordereze/Content/1/Summary.aspx :)

2012.04.14, 12:26 AM
I hope I will be there by 8:00 pm, but I need to leave by midnight.

2012.04.14, 09:44 AM
I'll be there by 8.

2012.04.14, 12:46 PM
OK, thanks guys, see you then! Post your chicken needs too if you want to eat... :)